Cue Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares To You”

In an email dated April 25, 2017, SRRBBL Commissioner Anton Perkins stated the following:

“This Board has put in well over 30 hours a week during the year to make sure the league’s objectives are met.”

Multiple times, in April and May of 2017, the SRRBBL Community, via attending the SRRBBL Board Meeting and sending large group emails to the SRRBBL Board with 80+ SRRBBL Community Members on copy, offered many new ideas that would help alleviate all the workload, mainly holding fair elections and adding more SRRBBL Board positions.

At the SRRBBL Board Meeting, SRRBBL Board Member John Salamone dared the SRRBBL Community Members, in attendance, to vote him out, claiming, “I have heard every stupid suggestion parents and coaches had to offer.”   When the opportunity arrived to “vote out John Salamone”, the SRRBBL Board, all three of them, cancelled the elections due to SRRBBL Community pressure of a unfair election, then went silent, never held another election and then changed the SRRBBL By-Laws to allow them to vote themselves back in as SRRBBL Board Members, and did just that.

Regarding the emails that were sent, the SRRBBL Board never responded.  No surprise there.

In that same email on April 25, 2017, SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins also stated:

“The Board of Directors will continue to display this forward direction as it seeks to make SRRBBL the best League in the County.” 

Forward direction?  The only direction the league is heading is into continued complete and utter disarray.  Best league in the County?  Compared to what “other leagues”?  What work is being done to make SRRBBL the best league in the County?

At this point we are going to end this blog post, and allow you to, at your own leisure, continue to scroll down, view for yourself and form your own opinions about what direction SRRBBL is heading in and how they compare to other leagues in the County.

  • Eastern Loudoun Basketball League

    • Board listed on website:  YES
    • Click here for website showing Board information
    • Board Member names and functions listed on website:  YES
    • Treasurer / CFO / VP Finance:  YES
    • Number of Board Positions:  6
    • Board positions listed on website:
      • President
      • Vice President
      • Treasurer
      • Secretary
      • Boys Deputy Commissioner
      • Girls Deputy Commissioner
    • Mention of Concussion Training / Policy / Awareness on website:  YES

  • Farmwell Station Basketball League

    • Board listed on website: YES
    • Click here for website showing Board information
    • Board Member names and functions listed on website: YES
    • Treasurer / CFO / VP Finance:  YES
    • Number of Board Positions: 9
    • Board positions listed on website :
      • Commissioner & Acting Treasurer
      • Vice President
      • Middle School Boys Deputy Commissioner
      • Elementary School Boys Deputy Commissioner
      • Girls Deputy Co-Commissioner
      • Girls Deputy Co-Commissioner
      • Rules Compliance Coordinator
      • High School Coordinator
      • Marketing
      • Website & Scheduler
    • Mention of Concussion Training / Policy / Awareness on website:  YES

  • Ashburn Youth Basketball League

    • Board listed on website:  YES
    • Click here for website showing Board information
    • Board Member names and functions listed on website:  YES
    • Treasurer / CFO / VP Finance:  YES
    • Number of Board Positions: 6
    • Board positions listed on website:
      • League President
      • Vice President Fundraising & Sponsors
      • Vice President Special Programs
      • Vice President Operations & Equipment
      • Vice President Travel Program
      • CFO & Treasurer
    • Mention of Concussion Training / Policy / Awareness on website:  YES

  • Central Loudoun Youth Basketball League

    • Board listed on website:  YES
    • Click here for website showing Board information
    • Board Member names and functions listed on website:  YES
    • Treasurer / CFO / VP Finance:  YES
    • Number of Board Positions: 6 main, 38 in total
    • Board positions listed on website:
    • Mention of Concussion Training / Policy / Awareness on website:  NO

  • Western Loudoun Basketball League

    • Board listed on website:  YES
    • Click here for website showing Board information
    • Board Member names and functions listed on website:  YES
    • Treasurer / CFO / VP Finance:  NO
    • Number of Board Positions: 8
    • Board positions listed on website :
      • President
      • VP
      • Secretary
      • Head Commissioner
      • Head Commissioner
      • Head Commissioner
      • Head Commissioner
      • Head Commissioner
    • Mention of Concussion Training / Policy / Awareness on website:  YES

  • Mercer Lunsford Basketball League

    • Board listed on website:  YES
    • Click here for website showing Board information
    • Board Member names and functions listed on website:  YES
    • Treasurer / CFO / VP Finance:  YesMLBL By-Laws state that the President is responsible for all of the financial management
    • Number of Board Positions: 5 main, 23 in total
    • Main Board positions listed on website:
      • President and League Commissioner (responsible for the Treasurer role per By-Laws)
      • Vice President and Operations Director
      • Director of Travel
      • Director of House League
      • Director of 2nd Grade Development
      • See the MLBL website for all other Board positions
    • Mention of Concussion Training / Policy / Awareness on website:  YES

Now cue Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares To You” and read on…

  • Seneca Ridge River Bend Basketball League (SRRBBL)

    • Board listed on website:  NO
    • Click here for website showing Board information
      • Sorry, it is not listed on the website
    • Board Member names and functions listed on website:  NO
    • Treasurer / CFO / VP Finance:  NO
    • Number of Board Positions: Not listed
    • Main Board Positions:
      • None listed 
    • Mention of Concussion Training / Policy / Awareness on website:  NO

The More Questions We Ask, The More Rabbit Holes We Go Down!

Lets look at the 2016-17 SRRBBL P&L, as it is a document that continues to provide copious amounts of questions, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Here is the SRRBBL 2016-17 P&L, again:


One of the line items is the “(Equipment, Website, Supplies, Incidentals)”, in the amount of $9,000, and then the subset of “Incidentals includes balls, whistles, meeting expense, rentals, clip boards, score books, ice packs, needles, etc.”

First, how are “balls, whistles, clipboards and needles” listed as “Incidentals”, aren’t they “Equipment?”  One would think they are equipment…in the sport of basketball.  This whole line item is confusing, and it seems to point to manually created financials and poor record keeping.

Second, the amount of $9,000.  That number, at first review, seems acceptable…other than it is a perfectly round number, which is great…precise spending, to spend exactly $9,000 even!  But then again, all the numbers on the P&L are rounded to the nearest 50 or 100.   Again, one would think this points to manually created financials and poor record keeping.

Moving on, one could estimate and break out Equipment / Incidental costs in the following manner:

Picture4These costs are online costs and are not wholesale, you most likely can buy cheaper equipment at wholesale rates.

The amount of $10,454 seems good.  But then you have to assume that some of the equipment lasts more than one year, especially basketballs.  Even clipboards.  So maybe $10,454 is too high–maybe cut it down, to say $4,700, just as a guess, to account for used equipment.  Maybe the price of needles skyrockets, so the costs should be $6,000.  One quickly begins to realize that this is a pointless exercise.  At the end of the day, there are many ways one could calculate costs and guesstimate what was truly necessary, and there are too many variables.  Clearly not very team could be given new equipment, because that would be more than $9,000, based on conservative estimates.  But $9,000 and $10,454 are not too far off from each other.

Now, take all of that analysis and thought process that was just written about Equipment / Incidentals, and basically throw it out.  Why?  Save SRRBBL reached out to 15 SRRBBL Coaches this past week from the 2016-17 season, asking if they received balls, whistles, icepacks, etc.  (15 Coaches is a ~ 15% sample size, anything bigger than 10% carries weight.)  The responses tell an interesting story.  The answers from 13 of them was “No”.  That is 87% that said “No”.  The other two coaches did not respond.  Now, to be fair, four coaches did respond with the following:

“Anton did offer equipment one time, but never followed up on it. I heard if you went to him, he had equipment to give to you.  He never advertised that he had the equipment.”

“I think the last two years they had them available if you needed them, but most coaches have 2-3 boards lying around the garage.  About three years ago (and every year prior) they gave balls to everyone, but the ones they gave out three years ago were absolutely horribly quality (I think they were indoor/outdoor).  The had the same balls available the past two years, but I’m sure there were very few takers.”

“I did not get any of these items, but my understanding was you could go to their office at RBMS to get a clipboard and whistle.  Ice packs were not handed out.”

“Two years ago I had to beg for a ball!”

The really odd and disturbing thing mentioned by four of the SRRBBL Coaches was that there were no icepacks provided, and when kids needed them in games, PRCS had to provide the icepacks.  Is SRRBBL buying ice packs and providing them to PRCS?  That would be odd, and generous, but then again, nothing surprises us these days.  If we all want to go down this rabbit hole, we should begin asking about Concussion Training and Awareness–all other youth sports in Sterling / Lower Loudoun require and provide that training, SRRBBL does not require or provide this training of its Coaches.  And do not get us started on how some SRRBBL Coaches were not vetted via a proper background check.

Another very interesting tidbit that surfaced, by asking these questions, was regarding travel uniforms.  For those who do not know, it is advertised by SRRBBL, to the SRRBBL travel players, that the travel players receive a $20 stipend for uniforms–the players have to pay for the remaining cost of the uniforms that exceeds $20, and it is normally no less than $50, depending on what is purchased. Makes sense.  But what was really odd again is that two of the 15 coaches were travel coaches, and they both said they did not receive the $20 stipend.  This information came to us unsolicited by one of the travel coaches, then we asked the other travel coach, and he confirmed the same thing.  If we want to continue down this rabbit hole, it is unclear which travel teams did or did not get the $20 credit for all of their players, because some did.  Wouldn’t SRRBBL want to be consistent on this policy, and maintain sound financial and fair practices–why would one player in SRRBBL Travel be provided a stipend and one would not?

Back to this this category of Equipment / Incidentals, it raises more questions than it answers.  So was there equipment?  Was it new or was it old?  Why are things like “basketballs, clipboards and ice packs” called out specifically on a financial document, and yet most coaches never got any of that equipment?  Did the league really spend $9,000, and if so, where is all this “unused new” Equipment / Incidentals that none of the coaches used?  Was any of this equipment used in the summer league by the Horizon Institute, Commissioner Perkins’ own company?  It sounds like a gold mine waiting to be discovered.  One would think that a youth basketball league would not spend $9,000, or even $5,000, or any money, on Equipment / Incidentals, and then not use it, right?  When one considers that over the last two years SRRBBL has gone from customized team jerseys to prison-like pennies for $8.50 per penny–that’s before they are printed–not understanding where the $9,000 is being spent is imperative, because the print on the prison-like pennies disintegrates half way through the season. Lets go down this rabbit hole, bring some popcorn and ask how does the printing of the jerseys get done, how much does it cost and who does it?

Yes, this $9,000 includes “Website”, which is maybe ~$500 annually for website and registering software.  Go as high as $1,000, if that seems more acceptable.

Yes, this $9,000 includes “rentals”, but if we are being frank, at this point, we are scared to ask what the rentals are–we’ve run out of good explanations and rabbit holes.

Could there be legitimate expenses that make up this $9,000?  Absolutely!  We would not know, though, because we do not know the details behind the numbers…the $9,000 number…which is rounded to the nearest hundred…and because supposedly the $9,000 includes Incidentals (basketballs) which are actually Equipment….that most coaches never received.

So, this $9,000, again.  Now take a look at the “Equipment / Incidentals” line item again on the SRRBBL 2016-17 P&L.  What is “meeting expense”? What meetings, in a youth non-profit volunteer league, require money to be spent?  If you ask any youth sports volunteer, at any level, whether it be a Coach or Board Member, they are not spending any league money on “meetings”–AT ALL!  As Commissioner Anton Perkins told the Loudoun Times-Mirror, We are a complete volunteer organization trying to teach children how to play basketball and have good values in the process, and we appreciate all parents who cooperate and exhibit such attributes.”   Now one could argue maybe there are some extra special meetings that 100% pertain to SRRBBL business and require money, but then shouldn’t that be something that is disclosed to the SRRBBL Members , or at least the SRRBBL Board Members, all of three of them, on a regular basis, at the regular SRRBBL Board Meetings, and maybe footnoted in an actual and legitimate financial report?  Hold up, we found another rabbit hole to go down: we want to ask why SRRBBL Coaches, and SRRBBL Members for the last four years, did not know of any annual or regular SRRBBL Board Meetings, and why those same SRRBBL Coaches have never once heard of SRRBBL Elections in the past four years?  Now, we know why there has been no mention of SRRBBL Board Meetings since early June–that is because the SRRBBL Board, all three of them, voted themselves back in as SRBBL Board Members and changed the SRRBBL By-Laws, on June 2, 2017, to allow for this.

Lets continue with the “meeting expense” topic.  Yes, on June 2, 2017, under continued mounting pressure from the SRRBBL Community , and PRCS, the SRBBBL Board created revised SRRBBL By-Laws and posted them on the SRRBBL website.  The new SRRBBL By-Laws can be found here on the SRRBBL website.

One section was added to the SRRBBL By-Laws, that was never in there before:

C. Section “No Compensation for Directors.”

The title of this section is truly one of the best misdirects we have ever seen…well played, SRRBBL Board…well played! In this section it mentions that the SRRBBL Board members cannot be compensated (because that would make the league ineligible for gym space with PRCS), but they also mention, “but nothing herein shall be construed to preclude any Board Member from serving the League in any other capacity and receiving compensation. Moreover, the Board member may receive reasonable reimbursement for travel and other approved expenses upon request and written documentation.”

That is an interesting revision to the SRRBBL By-Laws, right?  This entire new section speaks volumes. The new SRRBBL By-Laws allow for SRRBBL Board Members to receive compensation as coaches or in other capacities, as well as reimbursement for “travel and other approved expenses”.  Why was that added to the SRRBBL By-Laws all of a sudden?  Is there some youth basketball leadership conference in Las Vegas every year, where washed-up NBA players sign autographs and a one hit wonder band from the 80s is promoting their newest already-failed album?   Again, this is a volunteer organization–why would SRRBBL be using registration fees to pay volunteers of the league, or allow for meetings that cost money, versus using the money to benefit the players in the league?

We continue to point out that the SRRBBL 2016-17 P&L and the revisions to the SRRBBL By-Laws raise more questions than they answer, and when we ask the questions, we begin to realize there are additional sets of questions that need to be asked…we continue to find ourselves going down multiple, never-ending rabbit holes in our laborious efforts to understand the financial and overall management of SRRBBL, or rather…lack there of!



Some Don’t Trust Words, Some Even Question Actions…But No One Ever Doubts Patterns!

A well respected Member of the SRRBBL Community pointed out some very obvious observations yesterday.

Tax Filings

The tax filings, for years 2012-2015, make no sense.  Even 2016 numbers, prior to the tax filing, look off.  Gross income alone, dropping while player numbers are growing or staying above where they were in 2011, is highly questionable.  If the SRRBBL Board knowingly filed improper tax forms, forget all the legal jargon, THE SRRBBL BOARD MISREPRESENTED NUMBERS TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!

Reporting Numbers to PRCS

It is clear that the number of players reported to the Loudoun County Parks and Recreation (PRCS), for the 2016-17 season, by the SRRBBL Board, were incorrect.  The SRRBBL Board initially reported 668 players for the 2016-17 season.  This number of 668 was provided by PRCS to legal authorities.  It was only later, after the SRRBBL Community did the work and guesstimated there were close to 842 players and went to PRCS with that information, that the SRRBBL Board and PRCS then landed on the “missing check” story, pointing to 853 players for he 2016-17 season. Plainly put, THE SRRBBL BOARD MISREPRESENTED NUMBERS TO THE LOUDOUN COUNTY GOVERNMENT’S PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT!

Reporting Financials to the SRRBBL Community

On April 25, 2016, SRRBBL Commissioner Anton Perkins sent out an email, with the 2016-17 P&L.  In the email, the SRRBBL Commissioner stated, “To couch any of the concerns listed, the Board of Directors is providing an Expense Report for the 2016-17 season. After officially closing the books, it is attached for your convenience.”  So the SRRBBL Commissioner is clearly stating that the “books are closed”.  Below is the P&L he sent:


Therefore, with the books closed, all one has to do is look at the line:  PRCS Facility Fees,  $8,350.  The county charges a $12.50 fee for each player.  Multiply $12.50 by 668 players, and you get $8,350.  When Members of the SRRBBL Community pointed out, to Dave Carver at PRCS, that the 668 was most likely wrong, and should be around 842, the following came from Dave Carver:

“A check went out to PRCS (from SRRBBL) on December 20, 2016, in the amount of $2,312.50. It has not yet been cashed by PRCS. A new check is being mailed. This check was addressed to a staff person who left and may have been lost of misdirected.”

By saying that there is an additional $2,312.50 due to PRCS by SRRBBL, six months after the fact, the SRRBBL Board is admitting the number of players is not 668, but rather 668 + 185, or 853 players. ($2,312.50 / $12.50 per player fee = 185).

But how is it, that if an expense was incurred back in December of 2016, in the amount of $2,312.50, why was it not entered into the P&L provided by Commissioner Perkins on April 25, 2017?  The books were “officially closed”.  One would think the line “PRCS Facility Fees”, on the P&L that covers the time period of 2016, would be $10,662.50, right?  Commissioner Perkins had sent the check on December 20, 2016, and therefore, per standard financial practices, like reconciling your check book, that expense would have been recorded for 2016 because Commissioner Perkins knew about it in 2016 and wrote a check for it in 2016.  So why is it not included on the 2016-17 P&L?  One can only surmise that THE SRRBBL BOARD MISREPRESENTED NUMBERS TO THE SRRBBL COMMUNITY!

There is a pattern here!  Some don’t trust words, some even question actions…but no one ever doubts patterns!





But He Was Excluded, John!

Please see the email exchange way down below, and while you read this entire blog post, including the narrative and the email exchange, please keep in mind the following about former SRRBBL Travel Coach Tom Hickey:

  1. Coach in SRRBBL for seven (7) years.
  2. Boys travel team record of 29-7 in three years and won the County Championship.
  3. Girls travel team record of 22-3 in two years, reaching the Championship one season and Semis the next season.
  4. Division Coordinator multiple times.
  5. Spring / Summer Coach of an AUU team comprised of SRMS and RBMS girls.

After you are done reading the email chain, ask yourself:

How does SRBBL Board Member John Salamone write a such a lengthy response claiming Tom did not turn anything in, but then come back and say Tom did, in fact, turn something in?  This points to complete disorganization and mismanagement.  How could SRRBBL Board Members be so disconnected from their Coaches…and each other?  Or does it point to something else?  (FYI, this is the second instance we have heard of, just in the last two weeks, where the travel coaching application and interview process was completely disjointed, to say the least.)

How did Tom not receive all the emails about coaching?  It is a known fact that a very large number of SRRBBL Coaches, Volunteers and Members were removed from the SRRBBL email distribution this season due to speaking out about the SRRBBL mismanagement last season.  (Worth noting, that same large group of people did receive all of the Horizon Institute Basketball League emails over the summer, though.)

Who was selected for the coaching position that Tom Hickey once occupied?  While that new person may be completely qualified, and we all hope they are and we wish the team well, did that person at one point maybe, possibly, perhaps run through Commissioner Anton Perkins Horizon Institute program?

Why would you displace a popular, successful  and extremely well respected Coach like Tom, who serves the league and community proud in post-season tournaments? And why wouldn’t you be concerned that he “didn’t apply to coach”?  Take it one step further, because this sounds eerily familiar…why would Commissioner Anton Perkins continue to place his friends and colleagues as travel coaches–there are multiple–when yet there are parents in the league who are not just parents, but knowledgeable, successful AAU coaches who have coached in SRRBBL previously?

Tom:  The SRRBBL Community appreciates all you have done for SRRBBL, this was a major injustice to a class act–our email inboxes and all the Facebook posts clearly demonstrate this.  Your commitment to improving SRRBBL last Spring and this Fall, by supporting change the right way, is greatly appreciated!  Good luck to you and your AAU team this coming season!


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Tom Hickey
Date: Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 6:40 PM
Subject: Re: Travel Coaches
To: John Salamone
Cc: Anton Perkins, Charles Sweazie , Tom Hickey



Here is a record of the last six emails I’ve received from SRRBBL and their subject line:

8/29 SRRBBL Travel Team Tryouts
8/9 Order Confirmation Volunteer
8/9 Player Registration
8/9 Background Check Update
8/9 Forgot Password
4/26 SRRBBL Election Update

There is a big gap in communication from the league to my email address between April and August.  I didn’t even receive an email about registration opening for the 2017-18 season, I had to hear about it from another parent.  I’m sure there were other emails communicated to the community from SRRBBL during this gap, including emails calling for travel coaches and the application process.  I was not included in those emails.  Is it a coincidence that I stopped receiving league emails after I voiced my opinion to you, and others, about changes that I thought needed to occur with the league and the Board?  I don’t think it’s a coincidence.  Maybe you should check with Anton.

John, you absolutely should think that my application was conspicuous by it’s absence.  Because you know me.  You know the work I’ve done with this league during the season and with the players outside of the season.  I coached your daughter last season.  You attended my practices and my games.  You complimented me multiple times on the status of the team and the work I put into it.  Let’s think logically about it.  This is my daughter’s last season with SRRBBL and my last chance to coach her.  I spent the spring and summer coaching her AAU team which is made up of SRMS/RBMS players.  Does that sound like someone who is not invested or interested in coaching that team for the third year in a row?  I know very well the process to apply for the travel team position and you think I just all of a sudden decided not to throw my hat in the ring?  You think the reason I didn’t apply for the position is because I deliberately didn’t respond so I could try to stir up trouble for being “not permitted” to interview for the position.  Is that what you really think I would do?  Or is possible that I didn’t receive this information.  Which scenario makes more logical sense.

Quite frankly, I think the email response you sent me was insulting, condescending and unfortunate.  You’ve lost any support I could have provided you.  I don’t think you guys have handled the concerns of the community effectively or appropriately.  And there is real potential for it to get worse.

Please remove my daughter’s registration from SRRBBL and refund my registration fee.  You can also remove my registration as a coaching volunteer.



On Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 11:58 AM, John D Salamone  wrote:
I have been corrected.  You did register as a coach this season on 9 August
2017.  My mistake.  I did not see your registration when I checked the
database last night, but I can confirm that you are in the system as a
registered coach.   I didn’t want you to think that something happened to
that registration simply because I missed it last night.
Unfortunately, that alone doesn’t trigger the travel team coach selection
process or provide the artifacts that are discuss and compared as part of
the process.



John D Salamone

—–Original Message—–
From: John D Salamone
Sent: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 8:52 AM
To: ‘Tom Hickey’
Cc: ‘Anton Perkins’; Charles Sweazie
Subject: RE: Travel Coaches


I am quite surprised by your question.  Your application was conspicuous by
its absence.  What did you do to indicate that you were interested in
coaching a travel team this season?

As announced in the league-wide announcements, candidate travel coaches had
to submit qualifications.  It was quite odd that you did nothing to express
your interest until after the selections were made.  I know that is not the
process that was announced or that you followed last year.  I am at a loss
to explain why you did not respond, and that is why your question to me is
so odd.  I would ask you why you didn’t express any interest or follow the
direction provided for candidates.

You did not apply for the position nor submit any articles to be considered
as requested by the Board.  In fact I can find nothing that expresses your
interest.  The league-wide call for this submission was back in July.  You
had many weeks to submit a response and send us a résumé, or at least
provide some communication indicating that you were interested.  All of the
other returning coaches and those others interested in coaching followed the
guidelines and procedures.  As a past coach, we know that you are familiar
with the process, yet there was no interest expressed.

I am also receiving other emails from uninvolved third parties professing to
tell me how I excluded you from the process.  Only you could exclude you
from the process, as you did by not participating.  No one else excluded
you.  Due to these odd emails, which have become all-to-typical, last night
I went back and checked what we could have possibly missed that indicated
interest on your part, much less compliance with the process directions for
candidate travel coaches.  I could find nothing.  I even check last year’s
activities for comparison.  I see that last year you registered as a coach
on 15 July (2016).  Here it is September 2017 and you have made no such
registration for 2017 season.  That would at least have indicated that you
were interested in coaching this season.

As you know firsthand, travel coaches have a daunting task in front of them
and it takes a lot of commitment.  Expressing no interest is not a sign of
that commitment.  The only thing that excluded you from the process was your
lack of participation in the process.  Since you chose to not participate,
we respected that decision.  Since we had other qualified candidates, this
was not an issue.

Make no mistake, we appreciate your service and no one was working against
you.  All the more reason that your after-the-fact question about inclusion
leaves me confused.



John D Salamone
SRRBBL Board Member

The on call number for Loudoun County Parks and Rec is: 571-233-0424
The Loudoun County weather cancellation and closing number is: 703-777-0456
This message is a Seneca Ridge / River Bend Basketball League board member
communication (including any attachments) containing confidential
information intended specifically for SRRBBL members, and is protected by
law. If you are not the intended recipient, you should delete this message
and any disclosure, copying, or distribution of this message, or the taking
of any action based on it, by you is strictly prohibited.

—–Original Message—–
From: Tom Hickey
Sent: Tuesday, September 5, 2017 2:17 PM
To: Anton Perkins; John Salamone; Charles Sweazie
Subject: Travel Coaches


I understand that the travel coaches have been selected for the upcoming
season.  Can you please explain why I was not included in the selection



Why Save SRRBBL?

Why Save SRRBBL?  It is a great question about our local youth basketball league, a league comprised of over 850 kids, with players ranging from ages 10 to 18, and a league that has been subjected to significant mismanagement in recent years.  It’s a league that is owned by SRRBBL Players, Coaches, Members and Volunteers, or better known as, the “SRRBBL Community”.  After reading through the information on this site, we are asking for your support in order to bring change, and that can be done by signing the online petition, which can be found by clicking here, and can be found at the bottom of the “Call For Action – Next Steps” page.

In February 2017, after initial research was conducted by members of the SRRBBL Community, regarding the Seneca Ridge River Bend Basketball League (SRRBBL), the management of SRRBBL came into question. Information, which is all public information, was reviewed and showed potential financial mismanagement and league mismanagement. Now, six months later, after further detailed research and information provided by the SRRBBL Board and information provided by Loudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Services (PRCS), it is clear that SRRBBL is being financially mismanaged and the league is in need of new management and a turnaround. Given the SRRBBL Board Member actions over the past four months in particular, it is clear attempts are being made to rectify their missteps, even going as far as to rewrite the SRRBBL By-Laws to allow for payments to SRRBBL Board Members for non-Board Member responsibilities, approving financial transactions between SRRBBL and the companies that SRRBBL Board Members own and allowing for an unfair process for electing SRRBBL Board Members. In summary, it appears the management of SRRBBL as a whole, is in dire straits.  It is now time for the SRRBBL Community to take back their league and “Save SRRBBL!”

We encourage you to spend some quality time looking through this website.  There is quite a bit of information contained on this website, and it will demonstrate there is quite a bit of mismanagement in three primary areas.

  • Financial Mismanagement
    • The SRRBBL Board has filed federal tax forms that point to five years of gross income that makes no financial sense, showing $40,000 year-over-year changes in gross income even as the number of players in SRRBBL continued to rise. This is either improper tax filings and / or false reporting of gross income.
    • The SRRBBL Commissioner provided the 2016 Profit & Loss Statement that appears to be manually created, with round numbers.  This raises more questions than answers.
    • SRRBBL is doing business with the SRRBBL Commissioner’s own company, which is a conflict of financial interest. Likewise, the SRRBBL Commissioner has had past issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which should be considered when managing the finances of a youth sports organization.
  • Election Mismanagement
    • The SRRBBL Board tried to hold an election that was rigged and unfair.
    • The SRRBBL Board then cancelled the election due to legitimate complaints by the SRRBBL Community, but never held another public, fair election.
    • The SRRBBL Board held their own election amongst only the current SRRBBL Board Members, three in total, and voted themselves back in and rewrote the SRRBBL By-Laws to allow for this, and to allow for an unfair election process. This was all done with the help of a recently retained attorney.
  • League Mismanagement
    • SRRBBL had inadequate by-laws, but the SRRBBL Board slightly revised them, only to allow for an unfair election process, allowing SRRBBL Board Members to be paid for coaching or other non-Board capacities and allowing for business to be conducted between SRRBBL and companies owned by SRRBBL Board Members.
    • The SRRBBL Board allowed the SRRBBL Virginia SCC status to lapse back in early 2015, but renewed it in early 2017 due to mounting pressure from the SRRBBL Community.
    • SRRBBL has violated PRCS policies.
    • The SRRBBL Board provided false information to PRCS, avoiding an additional $2,300+ owed to PRCS, and then six months later tried to make it right.
    • The SRRBBL Commissioner has used the league email distribution lists to sell his own music which is inappropriate for younger kids in the league, Player and Coaching equipment provided by SRRBBL has changed drastically over the past three years, the SRRBL Board and website are inadequate and SRRBBL Board Members are serving as SRRBBL Head Coaches and not allowing full focus to be on SRRBBL Board responsibilities.

Most Members of the SRRBBL Community are unaware of what has transpired over the past six months, and they are asking how we got here. Below is a summary of what has brought us to this point.


Maybe you have seen some of the emails over the past six months, maybe you haven’t. But suffice it to say, the plethora of emails from SRRBBL Coaches (some without kids in the league) alone speaks volumes; add in the emails from SRRBBL Members, and it quickly becomes clear there are major issues with the management of SRRBBL. This whole movement to “Save SRRBBL” is about three primary things:

1. Doing all things right, at all levels, so that the number one beneficiaries are the players in the league.
2. Making sure there is total transparency to all of the SRRBBL Community, as it relates to all SRRBBL activities, processes and financial records.
3. Integrity, fairness and respect from all those associated with SRRBBL, especially as it relates to the SRRBBL Board and SRRBBL Board Members being elected.

In talking to many Members of the SRRBBL Community, over the last six months, a majority of them have been very concerned about a host of things related to the league, and how they have been treated by the SRRBBL Board Members. In fact, in speaking with some SRRBBL Coaches and Members, they are reluctant to speak out on behalf of their concerns because they are worried their kids would suffer consequences set forth by the SRRBBL Board Members. We all understand that some Coaches and Members in any youth sports organization will always complain, and some Members have specific issues that will never change, you cannot please everyone, unfortunately. But from what has been heard, from what has been seen and from what some have directly experienced, the concerns are not “normal”–these are legitimate, significant concerns of the SRRBBL Community that are not being addressed by the SRRBBL Board.

But if you take it one step further, beyond any general or extraordinary complaints about SRRBBL or the SRRBBL Board, there is even more concerning complaints. When research is conducted, starting back in November of 2016 and continues through 2017, based on all public information, and it shows concerning information regarding financials of the league, tax filings, by-laws, misinformation provided to county officials, status by the state, etc.–how are SRRBBL Coaches and Members expected to just “move on?” That is what one SRRBBL Board Member stated, just “move on”. We all want there to be no issues, and if there was transparency and responsiveness, we would not be where we are today. The SRRBBL Community is entitled to know where all of the money is going every year,  similar to how other youth sports organizations annually provide financials to their Members, and the SRRBBL Community should be able to see Members of the SRRBBL Community seek a Board position in a fair election. This league belongs to the SRRBBL Members, not the SRRBBL Board.

As an aside, go look at other youth sports Board’s bylaws, a majority of them make the SRRBBL By-Laws look completely inept–bad formatting, bad grammar, different fonts, lack of flow, etc. The SRRBBL By-Laws and rules of the league have been revised to provide unilateral power to those in in charge, which in some cases, is extremely dangerous; power is a very corruptive thing and it needs to be held in check in a non-profit organization of youth sports, and that falls on the paying members and volunteers of SRRBBL.

The mismanagement of SRRBBL is of great concern to all the Members of the SRRBBL Community, and more so given that new leagues are being created in Sterling 20165. Again, this website aims to highlight three major areas of mismanagement by the current SRRBBL Board: Financial Mismanagement, Election Mismanagement and League Mismanagement. This website highlights facts and / or legitimate questions surrounding numbers or policies that point to inconsistencies / mismanagement / raise questions, and why there is the need for SRRBBL Members to get involved and “Save SRRBBL!”

Efforts And Current Status

Some of you might be asking the naturally obvious question, “Why not work directly with the SRRBBL Board on all of these matters?” On multiple occasions, over the past six months, multiple Members of the SRRBBL Community reached out to the SRRBBL Board Members in an effort to all come together, provide transparency and get things turned around; there were many emails to SRRBBL Board Members on email distribution lists, as well as individual emails to SRRBBL Board Members.  The “SRRBBL Community” consisted of over 70+ concerned individuals.

Prior to the email campaign, Members of the SRRBBL Community attended the last SRRBBL Board Meeting, and their multiple new and experienced-based ideas, and concerns, were met with little to no thought by the SRRBBL Board Members, with one SRRBBL Board Member claiming he had heard all the “stupid suggestions by parents.”  Also at that same SRRBBL Board Meeting, when one SRRBBL Member asked for financial transparency, the SRRBBL Commissioner stated he would not speak to that SRRBBL Member because “he is not a volunteer in the league.”  Over the past four months, during a vigilant and lengthy campaign by the SRRBBL Community, one SRRBBL Board member responded two times. The first time, the response was to one SRRBBL Coach individually, to refer to this movement as a “bunch of malcontents”. The second time, the same SRRBBL Board Member emailed to the 70+ people on copy of a general distribution email, by blind copying them, telling them all to stop using the email chain, that is was proprietary information–this second response from the SRRBBL Board Member resulted in major backlash from SRRBBL Coaches and Members. The point being made here is that Members of the SRRBBL Community tried vigilantly to work with the SRRBBL Board via the last SRRBBL Board Meeting, in email distributions and in individual emails to SRRBBL Board Members, and it was all ignored.

PRCS was contacted multiple times regarding the mismanagement of SRRBBL, and no action was taken as of yet, other than to allow SRRBBL to fix their missteps. Likewise, all of the information and files contained on this website were turned over to the Loudoun County Sherriff’s Financial Crimes Division. In just the past year alone, more and more cases have been uncovered, both locally and across the United States, were organizations, similar to SRRBBL in nature and purpose, are being financially mismanaged.  In those cases, the mismanagement was uncovered by individuals who either had access to the financial information as a current Board Member, or uncovered the financial mismanagement once elected to a Board and previous Board Members had departed. Right now, the biggest obstacle Members of the SRRBBL Community face, is getting access to all of the financial data–unfortunately, all of the actions taken by the SRRBBL Board, primarily over the past four months, has made this impossible.

Something to think about:  SRRBBL is a non-profit youth sports organization, owned by its paying Members, and those Members have no say in how the organization is being run by three SRRBBL Board Members, nor do they have any access to the financials of the organization.  As PRCS pointed out, “…SRRBBL is owned by it’s paying Members, and they have every right to take it back!”