Call For Action – Next Steps

It is clear that change is needed, and much sooner than later–registration for the 2017-18 season is already underway, and that means more money, in the form of player registration fees, is flowing into SRRBBL and is not being managed properly.  Given the steps the SRRBBL Board has taken over the past six months, outlined below is the corrective course of action that is being recommended / pursued by the SRRBBL Community.

1.  Immediately Install a Transition Board

Immediately install a “Transition Board”. (Smaller sub-groups of the previously mentioned group of concerned SRRBBL Coaches and Members, totaling 70+, has selected individuals from that group, with relevant experience, to serve on the Transition Board for immediate action.)

Board positions will be as follows

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Social Media Director
  • Head Referee (no election required)
  • Player / Parent Representative
  • Travel Team Director

Requirements will be as follows:

  • Current SRRBBL Board Members will need to immediately step down and provide access to all relevant files, systems, databases, social media accounts, vendor relationships, financials and financial institutions used by SRRBBL.
  • The Transition Board will stay in place until April 2018, at which time, all Transition Board Members are automatically removed from the SRRBBL Board and, similar to anyone else who wishes to be elected to the SRRBBL Board, must be successful through a legitimate election process in order to return to the Board. This is the most important step:  running a fair and inclusive election.
  • SRRBBL Transition Board Members will not serve as Head Coaches or Assistant Coaches.
  • In April 2018, those seeking Board positions can be anyone 18 years and older, in good standing with the league and must submit a bio or platform.
  • Utilize a third party system that tallies the votes from the April 2018 elections.
  • All SRRBBL Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches for the 2017-18 Season will be able to vote for one individual for each of the Board positions.
  • The April 2018 election results will be reviewed and confirmed by a SRRBBL Coach or Member not seeking a SRRBBL Board position and who has career audit experience.

Again, given what was encountered in recent months, from flawed elections to the unilateral changing of the SRRBBL By-Laws by the current SRRBBL Board to the unresponsiveness by the SRRBBL Board, a Transition Board is the most logical choice at this time, and stems the bleeding immediately, due to knowing where the issues are, and immediately begins the turnaround and improved financial management, as well as ensures a fair and legitimate election in April 2018.

2.  Share This Information on Social Media

Share the article link (found here) and this website link ( on any social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, email–whatever you consider a great way to get the word out about SRRBBL to as many Members of the SRRRBBL Community as possible, as well as the Sterling / Cascades / Loudoun County community at large.  People need to understand what is happening with a non-profit youth sports organization, both from a financial perspective and a general management perspective.

3.  Contact Steve Torpy at PRCS

PRCS needs to hear from Members of the SRRBBL Community regarding their concerns about how SRRBBL is being mismanaged.  PRCS allocates Loudoun County school gym space to SRRBBL.  Dave Carver at PRCS was contacted multiple times, but no action was taken.  SRRBBL has misreported player numbers to PRCS and has failed to pay the appropriate amounts to PRCS.  The Loudoun Times-Mirror did reach out to PRCS, but there was no response at the time of this website page being updated.

Steve Torpy is the Director at PRCS, and he can be reached at 703.777.0343.  (Their is no available email for Mr. Torpy.)

4.  Contact the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Algonkian Representative, Ms. Suzanne Volpe

Ms. Suzanne Volpe is the representative for the Algonkian District.  She can be reached at .  The Algonkian representative needs to hear from SRRBBL Community that it is time for change and that PRCS needs to take action.

5.  Contact the Principals of Your Schools in the Algonkian District

Given all of the issues with SRRBBL at this time, and given that SRRBBL is provided gym space at these schools, the Principals of the schools in the Algonkian District need to know what is happening within SRRBBL.

6.  Contact the Loudoun County School Board Algonkian District Representative, Ms. Debbie Rose

Ms. Debbie Rose is the representative for the Algonkian District.  She can be reached at  The Algonkian representative needs to hear from the SRRBBL Community that a youth sports league, in it’s current state of disarray, is being allocated school gym space.

7.  Contact SRRBBL

The current SRRBBL Board needs to step down, and they need to hear that sentiment from the SRRBBL Community.  The Loudoun Times-Mirror did reach out to SRRBBL Commissioner Anton Perkins multiple times–the first time he did respond to an email, and then subsequent emails went unanswered.  After that, the Loudoun Times-Mirror did speak once with the attorney representing SRRBBL, but it seems there were still may unanswered questions at the time of this website being updated.

Contact the SRRBBL Board at :

8.  Sign the Petition

Please follow this link and sign the “Save SRRBBL” petition to show the SRRBBL Community, PRCS, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Representative, the Loudoun County School Board and the current SRRBBL Board that it is now time for the current SRRBBL Board to step down, put a Transition SRRBBL Board in place, get the financials back on track and hold a fair an legitimate election in April 2018!