Some People Create Their Own Storms, Then Get Upset When It Rains

It’s a shame when emails like this come out, it just shows that the SRRBBL Board has their back against the wall and their creative juices are now flowing, and they are now somehow the “victim”.  Deceit’s favorite role is playing the victim! They can continue to label “facts” as misinformation, it still doesn’t change that they are indeed facts and they can not be argued, and as we have said since day one, the facts and actions can not be undone.  Numbers and actions do not lie, bottom line. And the SRRBBL Board continues to blame one or two people, or a group of people.  The SRRBBL Board continues to assume that the Members of the SRRBBL Community are ignorant and are lacking in intelligence–not wise.  Know your audience, SRRBBL Board!

Keep in mind, as you read through all of this, the SRRBBL Board still does not address that they tried to hold a rigged election, SRRBBL Members called them out on it, the SRRBBL Board then cancelled the SRRBBL Board Elections, went silent and then re-wrote the SRRBBL By-Laws and voted themselves back in, by a vote amongst themselves, and made it impossible for other SRRBBL Members to pursue a Board position.  

(Please note that, as we have always said in any of the emails that go out to the 70+ Members of the SRRBBL Community, if you wish not to receive the emails, let us know, we will kindly remove you–only one person has asked to be taken off in the three months.  Please also note that no one is forced to go online and visit the Save SRRBBL website, read the blog posts, view the Facebook page or sign the online petition.  The SRRBBL Board wants you to think we are forcing this information down your throat, and it is just not true.  Thanks for your continued support!)

We will address all of the relevant points below, in blue.  Sometimes the answers are repeated, beecause it is called for and there is no other way to answer it.  This is a long read, we know.  We continue to base our Save SRRBBL Campaign on facts and actions that can not be undone.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: SRRBBL <>
Date: Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 8:09 AM
Subject: SRRBBL Board of Directors Response To Parents

How can it be that sometimes SRRBBL Members get the emails, sometimes they don’t.  As mentioned previously, many Members of the SRRBBL Community were not receiving emails at all, and yet somehow, yesterday, they received this email.  There seems to be awkward subsets of email distributions.  Either way, as we have said before, all of it seems to point to SRRBBL mismanagement of the SRRBBL email database.

Parents and Friends of SRRBBL,
As you know, SRRBBL (previously SRBL before River Bend MS existed) has been in existence for over 20 years. The intent of our program is to help achieve with your assistance the following set of objectives:
1.      Provide our youth an opportunity to learn the game of basketball
2.      Provide our youth an opportunity to have fun in a safe environment
3.      Provide our youth the opportunity to get exercise
You may think the key words in our objectives are “Youth” or “Opportunity” which are both important, but the key words in our objectives are the words “Intent with your assistance”.

As you know, we are an all-volunteer league. No one except our vendors for the services rendered are paid, and need your assistance if we intend to achieve anything for the good of our children.

If it is an “all-volunteer league”, two points:

  • Why did the SRRBBL Board try to hold a rigged election, unilaterally cancel SRRBBL Board elections, vote themselves back into office and change the SRRBBL By-Laws to allow for this?   If individuals of the SRRBBL Community want to “volunteer” by seeking a SRRBBL Board positon via elections, why is that not possible now?  Why are they not able, on a yearly basis, to challenge the incumbent volunteer Board, like all the other youth basketball leagues in the County?  It’s an all-volunteer league, right?
  • Why did the SRRBBL Board change the SRRBBL By-Laws to allow for compensation for Board Members for non-Board Member duties, as well as reimbursements for expenses?  Why put this in the SRRBBL By-Laws now?  It’s an all-volunteer league, right?

The SRRBBL Board of Directors do not go out of their way to discuss people’s internal problems with the League as we tend to keep these types of things private, but recent events have forced us to reveal to you certain individuals as a baseline for your understanding.

Let us point out that what you are about to read is NOT an attack on these people, but serves as a backdrop to understand their methods and motives.

What you have been witnessing (from the recent article to a fake news website) is a deterioration of certain people’s character and integrity. The SRRBBL Board will never descend to such levels, as it accomplishes nothing, and ultimately derives no benefit.

Nothing is fake, it is all fact-based, and that can not be argued, at all.  See, that is the one thing separates the Save SRRBBL information from the same SRRBBL Board rhetoric and responses that contain nothing of substance–it is all playing the victim, never addressing the issues, blaming the same people and looking for any misdirect to make themselves look like they care, and yet all the facts point to something completely different, and the SRRBBL Board can’t seem to understand, it is somehow lost on them. The financial mismanagement of SRRBBL, the election debacle, the league mismanagement, actions by the SRRBBL Board Members and emails sent by the SRRBBL Board Members continue to speak for themselves, they speak volumes:

  • Financial mismanagement, primarily tax filings that make no sense.  We have proven this over and over, and the SRRBBL Board is now finally admitting down below that the tax filings were wrong.  They have tried to camouflage it with all of the other misdirects in this email, and are calling it “innocent mistakes”.
  • Election mismanagement. The SRRBBL Board continues to avoid this like the plague, why is that? Attempting to hold rigged elections, then unilaterally cancelling the elections, not notifying the 70+ SRRBBL Members in limbo, then re-writing the SRRBBL By-Laws and making it impossible for new Board Members to be elected. This happened, it is not fake.  The SRRBBL Community found out from PRCS, not the SRRBBL Board.  Why would the SRRBBL Board not communicate that to its Members?
  • League mismanagement.  Reporting wrong player numbers to PRCS and then changing them once uncovered, as well as rewriting the SRRBBL By-Laws to allow for doing business with Commissioner Anton Perkins company and allowing for SRRBBL Board Members to be compensated for non-Board Member duties.  The SRRBBL Board continues to avoid all of this, too.  
  • Inappropriate use of SRRBBL Resources. Commissioner Perkins using SRRBBL to sell / promote his music and tour.  Songs and music videos about “sex” are not appropriate for the youth in a youth sports organization.  Still an issue.
  • SRRBBL Board Member John Salamone speaking to SRRBBL Members, via in-person and in emails, in a completely inappropriate manner, a manner not acceptable for someone sitting on the Board of a non-profit youth sports organization with the sole intent of providing services to the youth, and their families, in our area.  The SRRBBL Community is his customer, not the other way around. We have seen some of the emails, and there are others that have not been released.  If he feels so condescending towards the SRRBBL Community, referring to us as “witless” and calling our ideas or suggestions “dumb”, why doesn’t he just leave the SRRBBL Board?

Last season, the SRRBBL Board had to dismiss some individuals who violated League policies. We saw a lot of hostility last season on and off the basketball court that resulted in a physical altercation with a volunteer coach caught on video punching a parent in the school.
The Board HAD to dismiss this coach.

We have no idea who this Coach is and he has not been involved in the Save SRRBBL Campaign as far as we know.  In this case it sounds like the SRRBBL Board did something right.  But great misdirect by the SRRBBL Board!

Another ex-coach went on a tirade against the Board after violating league policies and instead of just apologizing for his blatant behavior decided with a few comrades to create a smear campaign with the “intent” of discrediting the current Board members. Apparently, they hoped to foster negative perceptions so the Board members would simply “step down and go away”.
Note: Similarly, the Youth Baseball and Youth Football Leagues have also dismissed this person for behavior detrimental to their Leagues.

First off, this SRRBBL Coach, and also a Division Coordinator, Greg Pochet, was not dismissed from other leagues, and in fact he has never coached in a youth football league, nor was he ever dismissed from a baseball league.  Great misdirect, again!

The conflict between the SRRBBL Board and this SRRBBL Coach / Division Coordinator, Mr. Pochet, stems from one basic issue:  the SRRBBL jerseys, which were supposed to be delivered early in the 2016 season (because they were a debacle in the 2015 season), did not arrive until literally the 11th hour the night before opening day in 2016.  Shocking, right?  SRRBBL Coaches were told that they would arrive at 8pm on a Friday night, the night before the season started.   Mr. Pochet’s Assistant Coach showed at 8:30pm, and was told things were still not ready.  At this point it was decided to pick up the jerseys the next morning, as Mr. Pochet’s team was playing an 8:30am game in that same gym.

When Mr. Pochet arrived at the gym, he was told by PRCS that he was not allowed to take his team’s jerseys, by order of SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins.  At that point, Mr. Pochet taped up numbers on his players jerseys.  Seconds before tip off, the game jerseys somehow were brought out, but the game was starting and all the numbers of the homemade jerseys had been logged in the scorebook.  During the game, at approximately 8:40am, SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins showed up, late for an opening day game, and made a demand that Mr. Pochet call a time out to put the jerseys on.  To repeat, a non-coach came onto a coach’s bench, during the middle of a game, and demanded Mr. Pochet call a time out.  We won’t even get into the nightmare that would cause with the game scorebook, etc.

At that point, Mr. Pochet and Commissioner Perkins disagreed, and Mr. Pochet asked Commissioner Perkins to vacate the bench and that they would do the uniforms after the game.  There was no yelling, no shouting, etc.  Other Coaches on the team said the same thing.  After the game, Commissioner Perkins told Mr. Pochet he was no longer the Coach.  He fired him.  And there was no other explanation given.  This is a Coach with a three year history of volunteering in SRRBBL, and a long resume of volunteering in the 20165 youth sports community.  This is a volunteer coach that players and families love because he is dedicated and organized, and teaches the game while making it fun.  He is a positive role model, and isn’t that what SRRBBL wants?

Multiple people witnessed Commissioner Perkins and Mr. Pochet’s interaction, from all the coaches on both teams, to the score keepers and all the parents.  Keep that in mind.

After this incident, multiple parents emailed Commissioner Perkins regarding the unfair firing of Mr. Pochet.  There was a major outcry from the SRRBBL Community!  Parents, SRRBBL Members, tried to intervene, set up meetings, etc–most of it went unanswered. And when it was answered, it was clear the SRRBBL Board Members, all of three them, made this about egos and lack of due process, versus taking the time to understand the entire situation and all that happened.

Even Mr. Pochet tried to work with the SRRBBL Board, but they would not budge.

If you put aside the disagreement between Mr. Pochet and Commissioner Perkins, and you pull back the vail–you get to the real crux of the issue:  the arrival of jerseys were yet again a nightmare (league mismanagement), an ego of a SRRBBL Board Member (SRRBBL Members continue to point to the arrogance of the SRRBBL Board) and failure of the SRRBBL Board to follow due process (league mismanagement).  Both parties could be deemed at fault, and yet the SRRBBL Board blamed it solely on Mr. Pochet. The SRRBBL Board, including Commissioner Perkins, took matters into their own hands, followed no due process, spoke to no one else to get other accounts, and allowed the firing to stand.  The Commissioner, being involved in the situation, and then helping to render a verdict on that situation–conflict of interest!  No one on the SRRBBL Board spoke to any of the other SRRBBL Members who were present when the issue occurred, no one.  How is it that the SRRBBL Board just assumes that the SRRBBL Commissioner is right and makes a decision based off of that?  Basically, the SRRBBL Board rubber stamped the whole thing, ex post facto. 

Here is the real kicker:  Mr. Pochet was asked to call a time out in order to get the jerseys on the kids.  Two other teams were playing with homemade jerseys, as well, and nothing was done to them.  Why is that? 

Here is the alarming thing:  When Mr. Pochet’s wife went to get the jerseys from Commissioner Perkins right after he fired Mr. Pochet, in order to get them to the players, Commissioner Perkins began berating Mrs. Pochet, and then began insulting her husband to her.  How can SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins think it is acceptable to talk to any SRRBBL Member in that manner? Patterns!

The sad part:  Commissioner Perkins took action unilaterally and did not consider the young men he affected.   Once again the SRRBBL Board mismanaged and acted, all facts, that can not be undone.

SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins continues to talk about setting examples for our children, yet he speaks and acts with blinders on when it comes to his own behavior and actions.  It is the same thing that the other SRRBBL Board Members do.  Patterns!

The parent quoted in the recent article has NEVER participated in our league. He has never coached or volunteered to assist anyone in our league. This is what we know: he had a gripe with a travel team coach and has taken on a personal vendetta with the “intent” of forcing the Board Directors and the travel team coach to resign.
These people are primarily responsible for the numerous negative emails you have received.

Brian Piccioni was the individual quoted in the paper, and he was willing to come forward and continues to be transparent because was he was pursuing a seat on the SRRBBL Board.  While, yes, he does not volunteer for SRRBBL, he has participated in SRRBBL since 2011, when his kids first joined the league.  Why does he not volunteer for SRRBBL?  We are not 100% sure, but we have a pretty good idea:

  • Volunteer, Sterling Youth Soccer Association: Coach, Spring 2005 & 2009; Dual-Coach, Fall 2005
  • Volunteer, Lower Loudoun Little League: Coach, Spring 2006; Assistant Coach, Falls 2006 & 2007 & Springs 2006-2010
  • Volunteer, Sterling Travel Baseball: Financial Manager, Xplosion Travel Baseball Team, 2013 & 2014
  • Volunteer, Loudoun Lions Football: Co-Founder, Treasurer (Board Member) and Head Coach, 2014
  • Volunteer, Lower Loudoun Boys Football League: Flag Coach, Fall 2008; C-League Coordinator, Fall 2009; Dual-Coach as B-League Assistant Coach and Flag Head Coach, Fall 2011; C-League Head Coach, Fall 2012 & 2013; Board Member – Sponsorships, Fall 2013; Assistant Coach & Offensive Coordinator, 2015 & 2016

How do we have this info?  All of Mr. Piccioni’s above qualifications were outlined in a bio he sent out to the 80+ SRRBBL Community Members the week before SRRRBBL Board Elections–11+ straight years of volunteering in the 20165 / Loudoun Country for youth sports in five different leagues.  

Why did he send this out?  Because the SRRBBL Board provided their own bios in the email containing SRRBBL Board nominations, but not one from Mr. Piccioni.

Before he put his name in the ring for a SRRBBL Board position, at the last SRRBBL Board Meeting in April, Mr. Piccioni, in front of everyone in attendance, asked for Commissioner Perkins to share the financials, saying it would end a majority of the major concers.  Commissioner Perkins responded with:

Are you a volunteer in this league?  You are not a volunteer in this league so I am not going to respond to you.” 

How can SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins possibly think that talking to any Member of the SRRBBL Community like that is acceptable?  A parent who pays for three kids to be in the league, and Commissioner Perkins disregards that SRRBBL Member because he does not volunteer?  Whether it be one kid or three kids, no Commissioner of a youth sports organization should speak to any Member in such a manner. 

As far as the “travel team coach”, unfortunately, for the SRRBBL Board, we have to again go to the facts, and they do not paint a pretty picture.  Mr. Piccioni is one of nine parents who had grave concerns about last year’s RBMS 6th Grade Travel Coach, “The Coach”, and have pulled their kids out of SRRBBL.  You would think that nine players not returning to The Coach’s team would serve a a major red flag–that is not one parent with a “vendetta”, this is nine parents with a purpose who are looking out for the well-being of their kids because SRRBBL is not doing it.  We did not want to go down such a detailed path, but the SRRBBL Community needs to know the facts, and we believe in doing a thorough job. Some of you know this team and know the kids and parents that were on this team, ask any of them and they will more than echo the detail listed out here in this blog post.  This list was compiled by talking to four parents, just yesterday, with players on that team,  in order to accurately capture why there were such grave concerns:

  • One parent on the team, not Mr. Piccioni, reached out to a friend of the SRRBBL Board during last season, with hopes of her bringing it to the attention of the SRRBBL Board.  Nothing happened.
  • Mr. Piccioni sent an email to SRRBBL Board Member Charles Sweazie, mid-season, asking to speak with him.  Board Member Sweazie did not respond.
  • Keep in mind, parents were very unhappy but did not want to go to SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins due to his friendship with The Coach, this was a delicate situation, no one wanted their kid to suffer consequences.  Welcome to SRRBBL!
  • Mr. Piccioni brought the same red flags up to both SRRBBL Board Member Salamone and Sweazie at the conclusion of the last SRRBBL Board Meeting, in April.  He made it very clear that this sparked his initial concerns with the league, but once he saw the other red flags with SRRBBL mismanagement, primarily the financials, more action was needed. This was clearly communicated.  He also pointed out, to those two SRRBBL Board Members, how he was willing to volunteer, from a financial perspective, and help clear things up and add transparency.  They never took him up on the offer. Why?
  • Incidents that happened during the season last year that caused nine parents to be very concerned about The Coach and pull their kids off the team and out of the league, are listed below:
    • At the beginning of the season, at the first practice, in a league where volunteers are needed, The Coach made it clear he did not want parents to volunteer to coach. It was an awkward point in the meeting.  He later brought in his daughter and her boyfriend to assistant coach. This is a league that continues to desperately need volunteers.  Why would the parents not be allowed to volunteer?  Why would Commissioner Perkins treat a parent poorly for not volunteering, when The Coach made it clear he did not want volunteers to help? At the April SRRBBL Board Meeting Commissioner Perkins asked one of the other parents on this team why he does not volunteer, and he pointed to The Coach sitting right behind him and said “well, I would, but The Coach said he didn’t want parent volunteers, so ask him.”  
    • In the beginning of the season, when kids were not at practices due to fall sports still winding down, The Coach told one player who plays soccer, “…soccer isn’t a real sport.  I don’t mind players missing practice for baseball or football, but not soccer.”  Who says that to a 12 -year old kid who plays soccer?
    • At multiple practices, The Coach’s grandson, a toddler, was present and was playing with matchbox cars / other toys right in the middle of the court, kids were having to maneuver around him.  One time, the kid was run over and hurt.  This is completely unacceptable, both for the players and the toddler.
    • At multiple practices, The Coach’s grandson, a toddler, was present and was running around the court blowing the whistle and dragging balls around, kids were getting confused and having to maneuver around him. This is completely unacceptable, both for the players and the toddler.
    • At one practice, the Coach showed up late and proceeded to pull together two chairs and eat dinner, from Subway, while the boys practiced.  This is unacceptable as the Head Coach.
    • At one practice, during a half court scrimmage, The Coach had multiple players sit out so he and his Assistant Coach could play, for over 10 mins.  No kid should be sitting out of practice while Coaches are playing in scrimmages.
    • At one practice, The Coach allowed a female from one of the other SRRBBL teams to jump in and scrimmage with the team while players on the team were sitting out.  Again, unacceptable.
    • After players began sitting idle for long periods of time, parents began timing it and taking pictures.  At one practice, The Coach had two players sitting out, doing nothing, for 25 minutes–it was timed.  That is unheard of at any level of basketball.
    • Multiple times, The Coach or his Assistant Coach sent out an email to a select group of players on the team to attend an “extra practice”. Why?  The Coach’s daughter, the Assistant Coach, coached one of the SRRBBL 7th / 8th grade girls teams, and they wanted the RBMS 6th Grade Boys Team to help them practice.  Most parents refused to take their kids after the first time. Parents, not knowing the real nature of the practice,  moved schedules around for their kids to attend in fear of not seeming committed.
    • At one practice, while going over free throws, one player said he was more comfortable shooting free throws the initial way he had been taught. (This player had the highest free throw percentage on the team at that time, above 60%.)  The Coach asked who taught him, he said his AAU Coach, then The Coach kicked him out of practice and told him to “go play with your AAU team.”   Multiple parents were extremely upset watching this happen, as the player was very polite and respectful. Five parents left the gym at this point, and The Coach later scolded one of the parents for leaving the gym.  Who treats 12-year old kids this way?  Who treats parents this way?
    • The Coach told one parent that they are “drinking the Kool-Aid” having their kid playing AAU basketball. We are seeing a pattern here.
    • On one game day, SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins showed up and began pulling kids over to the sideline and began coaching over The Coach.  It was awkward for all who witnessed it.
    • On multiple game days, Coaches showed up late for warm-ups.
    • On multiple game days, when there were not enough chairs on the bench, The Coach and the Assistant Coaches had chairs, but they made players sit on the floor.  At one game, the second time this happened, a parent was so upset he went to go find other chairs. Players should not be treated like this.
    • At three separate games, The Coach had a shouting match with the same player during a time out.  Behavior like that reflects poorly on SRRBBL.
    • During multiple games, The Coach pulled out players for shooting the ball, because The Coach told the players only one player is allowed to shoot the ball.  Last we checked, if a basketball player has an open shot, he takes the shot.  You never scold a player for taking that shot–it’s a team sport.
    • At one game, The Coach told one of the players to check the player on the other team.  It got physical, both players were jawing at each other, the refs called a double technical foul.  With two minutes left in the game, the same two players were going after a loose ball, SRRBBL won the loose ball.  The player stood up and was excited and got his team fired up due to it being a close game, nothing ostentatious.  The Coach walked on to the court, yelled at the player and pulled him out of the game. Parents and coaches were in disbelief, not just on the RBMS team, but on other teams as well, all were very concerned by this behavior. The parents were upset and the player was very upset. Parents were calling the family afterwards to check on the player. No Coach should ever treat a player like that, at all.
    • During one game, when the SRRBBL parents where doing the typical “end of half countdown”, the opposing team parents started shouting out the wrong numbers on purpose and it confused the SRRBBL player.  The Coach then crossed the gym and scolded the SRRBBL parents for behavior they were not responsible for.  One parent was so disgusted she got up and left the game.
    • During one game, when a parent from another team began criticizing The Coach’s offense, The Coach started yelling at that parent from across the gym, during the game. Why would he get wrapped up in such a silly thing with a game going on that he is coaching?
    • After a close game that the team won, where the starting five players were NOT subbed out for the last 1.5 quarters, The Coach berated the players after the game, telling them they almost gave the game away in the 4th quarter because they played tired.  There were repeated times where The Coach kept players in and they were exhausted, but he would not make substitutions, then would reprimand them for being tired. He was carrying 12 players and a lot of the times didn’t play most of his team.   How does a Coach think it is acceptable to berate exhausted kids who he is not managing properly?  That is just wrong on so many levels.
    • During the quarterfinals, for the first three straight quarters, The Coach, who carried 12 players, only played seven players.  Some players had played three straight quarters and were exhausted.  One player, mid-way through the third quarter, visibly exhausted, asked to come out for a break, The Coach told him “no”.  That kid’s mother was in the stands screaming for The Coach to take her son out of the game as he was visibly exhausted.  Parents in the stands, on both teams, were appalled. When players finally started getting rest, everyone in the stands could see that they could barely catch their breaths on the bench, it was a distubing scene. You’re carrying 12 players, only playing seven and a player is visibly exhausted and you refuse to give him a break when he knows he is not well–this is absolutely disgusting treatment of a 12-year old boy.  At the end of the game, the Coaches of the other team, all AAU Coaches, pulled RBMS parents aside very concerned and point blank told them The Coach should not be coaching, period, eluding to not subbing players.
    • The parents began talking more as the season went on, and the stories were all the same:  kids coming home in tears from games and practices, kids not wanting to play anymore, kids losing passion for the game.  Commissioner Perkins can preach all he wants about doing it for the kids, this team’s experience was evidently just the opposite.

Well that was an interesting recap of one team’s season.  How does a Commissioner of a youth sports league ignore parents, prior to the Coach selection, when there are very clear problems and there are other more qualified candidates to chose from?  Parents emailed SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins directly, asking questions, no response. Multiple parents got word to the SRRBBL Board, either directly or indirectly, over the course of eight months, and no action was taken.  This Coach clearly should not be coaching kids, but the SRRBBL Commissioner put his friend above the well-being of the kids on this team, and the league.  SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins fails to realize that this group of SRRBBL families, are one big, tight family, and they take care of each other and each other’s kids, and want the best for all of the kids, and that is why they have removed them from the league.

To set the record straight and get the truth out, the SRRBBL Board was responding to emails initially, but then noticed the negative misinformation campaign of emails going viral and our words of simple explanation smothered with negative underlying references of league mismanagement. The detractors continued throughout the summer trying to convince people the league was in trouble. They noted the incorrect forms filed with the IRS (which is easily correctable) and an innocent mistake. These people took an honest mistake made by volunteers and intentionally decided to use the information as a weapon spewing false allegations of mismanagement and attempting to fuel the posting of an online petition.

The SRRBBL Board was not responding.  They responded once or twice, and it was cryptic or for the purpose of scolding Members of the SRRBBL Community.  

Easily correctable?  Restatements with the IRS, easily correctable?  Even mentioning the “IRS” and “easy” in the same sentence is highlighting the lack of experience by the SRRBBL Board.  Paying for lawyers and accountants, out of SRRBBL funds, incurring more costs due to SRRRBBL Board mismanagement is easily correctable?  Mismanagement that the SRRBBL Board denied over and over and is now admitting?  When does it stop?

An honest mistake?  Four years of the same mistake?  League numbers growing or staying above 2011 numbers when Gross Income was $96,000+ and this does not set off any alarms that you are reporting Gross Income of less than $50,000 for four years?  As everyone knows, the financial management of youth sports is not rocket science.  In fact, it is just the opposite, money comes in from registrations, money goes out for four or five main expense categories.  

If you want to assume it was an “honest mistake”, the next best explanation is extremely scary:  the wrong people are managing SRRBBL…for four years, unchecked.  If an individual(s) does not have the right credentials, you don’t step into that role.  Better yet, step down NOW! 

See, that is the thing that the SRRBBL Board is missing, regardless of how they want to categorize the continual mismanagement of SRRBBL by the SRRBBL Board, they can not continue to lay their self-inflicted problems at the feet of others.  This is why the SRRBBL Community wants the current SRRBBL Board gone! Please wake-up, SRRBBL Board!  

Since the SRRBBL Board seems to run the league like it is their own company with the SRRBBL Members as their shareholders, think about this:  in a normal corporate setting, admitting tax filings were incorrect, most likely to the amount of over $175,000, the Board would have been fired, instantly.  The SRRBBL Board, “the management”, has admitted this here, and it’s why SRRBBL needs new management.  The SRRBBL Board hasn’t even mentioned what the dollar impact of this “innocent mistake” is.  We estimate it to be around $175,000.  Again, in the real world, the SRRBBL Board is fired.

The allegations had good people questioning the Board’s integrity even though there was no supporting evidence.

Numbers are not supporting evidence?  How can the SRRBBL Board argue that?  What world do they live in?   It lacks all logical thinking.  Wait, down below the SRRBBL Board says the numbers that were reported to the IRS were in fact wrong.  Does it not count as “wrong” because you are claiming it to be “innocent mistakes”, for four straight years?  This is called “double talk.”  By admitting mistakes were made, the SRRBBL Board is helping us to further our cause in that the SRRBBL Board needs to go, end of story.

The SRRBBL Board cancelling elections and voting themselves back in and making it impossible for other SRRBBL Members to get on the Board–how is that not supporting evidence?  What are we missing?  We have 70+ SRRBBL Coaches and Members who know this, who were witness to this.

The SRRBBL Board re-writing the SRRBBL By-Laws to allow for no fair election process, allowing for compensation for non-Board Member duties and allowing for transactions with the Commissioner’s own company–that is not supporting evidence?  We have the old SRBRBL By-Laws and new SRRBBL By-Laws, they are on this site, it shows this!!

The SRRBBL Board giving PRCS wrong player number information.  They then altered the number when the SRRBBL Community proved them wrong. We have proven that, too, as have two other County agencies. 

We are very sorry you have been subject to this misinformation campaign.

How is it misinformation, you are admitting the tax filings are wrong?  We have documented proof on everything we have pointed out regarding the mismanagement of the league.  Everything!  Is the SRRBBL Community supposed to just ignore this?   We suppose for each point being made in this email it will be the same answer every time.

Since we, as volunteers, were trying to do it ourselves to save money, with all the criticism, we decided to hire an accountant to correct the filings and resubmit for the years we were on the board.

That’s the care the SRRBBL Board is playing?  OK.  Great idea. Or, build a time machine and go back four years and have that same thought as people who joined a youth sports organization Board with no proper Board experience.  Better yet, take the time machine back to November 2016, or February 2017, or April 2017 or May 2017, and instead of being arrogant and unresponsive, and insulting Members of the SRRBBL Community by referring to them as malcontents, maybe the SRRBBL Board should realize that they have customers, the Members of the SRRBBL Community, and may we suggest the SRRBBL Board try to work with them as they pointed all of this out…multiple times!  Or is there a reason the SRRBBL Board didn’t want to let Members of the SRRBBL Community get involved?  It just seems awfully odd.

There has been no alteration of numbers reported to PRCS as they have been consistent throughout the years, but the misinformation stated in a recent article was misguided, giving people in our community false perceptions.

This is not misinformation. There was alteration of the numbers.  How do we know this?  Because it happened, in real life, not make beleive.  When the financial mismanagement of SRRBBL was reported to the Loudoun County Sherriff’s Office, Financial Crimes Division (LCSO), LCSO went to PRCS to get the numbers, officially–they would not take numbers from anywhere else.  PRCS presented LCSO with a 2016 number of 668 players in SRRBBL.  LCSO provided these numbers to the SRRBBL Community, said everything seemed inline based on those numbers, no issues.  Then Members of the SRRBBL Community got the more accurate player numbers from the SRRBBL Coaches and Division Coordinators. (We have all the emails to back this up, FYI.)  The number ended up being around 842, estiamted.  This was reported to PRCS.  PRCS then “looked into it”.  Then PRCS and SRRBBL landed on the “missing check story” from December 2016 in the amount of $2,312.50″, which took the number of players from 668 to 853.  That is called an alteration of a number.  It is also called financial mismanagement because if it were a missing check, it should have been on the 2016 P&L presented to the SRRBBL Community in April, when SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins said “the books are closed.”  Simple reconciling of checkbooks highlights this basic process.  This is why the LCSO again became interested in SRRBBL.

Please note the SRRBBL players numbers we continue to rely on were provided to LCSO by PRCS, we did not make them up.  We did question the 2016 numbers, and we were correct in doing so as the numbers were in fact wrong, per the “missing check”.  Having said that, one might wonder now, if SRRBBL is admitting the tax filings are wrong for four years, that the SRRBBL player numbers from 2012-2105 are also wrong, and SRRBBL potentially owes more money to PRCS, again.

We are now correcting the misinformation that came from filing the wrong forms, so there is no question about transparency. Let us point out the fact that as the accountant and attorney has stated: at no time has the League been in jeopardy of losing accreditation at the State or Federal levels regarding our non-profit or corporate status.

If you truly want to have transparency, show the ins and out of the cash.  Pretty simple,  a Profit and Loss statement does not show cashflows.  Most people who know anything about finance know this.  Given that SRRBBL is now admitting the tax filings were incorrect, showing the cash inflows and outflows is now extremely paramount, like…Defcon 5 critical. This will become more serious of an issue as this campaign continues.  If the SRRBBL Board is now claiming the filings were off by approximately $45,000+ each of the four years (our estimate), everyone from Members of the SRRBBL Community, to the IRS, are going to want to understand the cash inflows and outflows as this admitted misreporting highlights, once again, financial mismanagement of the league.  We most likely can expect an audit, too.

SRRBBL Board:  FYI, bank statements and cash flow statements are facts, too, in the real world.  

If the SRRBBL Board is going to reference their attorney, note the article in the Loudoun Times Mirror, the attorney was quoted as:

“As I understand it Mr Perkins didn’t come on board until 2013 or 2014.”  However, the 2012 tax form Form 990N lists Perkins as principal officer.

This indicated that the attorney did not have the right information.  This is concerning. Similarly concerning, when the newspaper reporter was reaching out to the attorney and Mr. Piccioni for comments and responses, it was revealed that the attorney stated that it is normal for non-profits to do what the SRRBBL Board did, meaning holding their own election amongst themselves and voting them back in.  (It is not normal in youth sports organizations.)  When the reporter then asked the attorney, “Then why did the Board initially try to hold an election, and then cancel it?”  The response from the attorney was that he did not know about the cancelled SRRBBL Board election.

Bottom line, we are glad the SRRBBL Board has retained an attorney and an accountant, but we are still concerned about the information flowing to those two individuals and whether it is full disclosure.  We hope it is.

We also hope both the attorney and accountant are familiar with the following, because…ouch, these look scary:

Gross Receipts Normally $50,000 or Less:


Exemption requirements 501c3:

That last one is our favorite because:  “The organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, and no part of a section 501(c)(3) organization’s net earnings may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. If the organization engages in an excess benefit transaction with a person having substantial influence over the organization, an excise tax may be imposed on the person and any organization managers agreeing to the transaction.”

Excess benefit?  Here you go:

FYI.  The SRRBBL league has never been in jeopardy of losing it’s accreditation because they have never been examined!!  But good one, SRRBBL Board…as always, well played!

The misfiling of forms to the IRS does not constitute monies taken from the League. No monies has ever been missing or misappropriated. We are an all- volunteer League and no one gets paid except our vendors.

An all-volunteer league?  If that is the case, and we really want it to be, share the cash ins and outs.  Pretty simple. We have said it before, and have now said above, that it is even more important given the admission of incorrect tax filings.  Why did the SRRBBL Board re-write the SRRBBL By-Laws on June 2, 2017, to allow for SRRBBL Board Members to be compensated for non-Board duties?  Why does it also allow for “expense reimbursements”?  Why now? In an all-volunteer league?

Is Horizon Institute a vendor?  We are curious.

If anyone has specific issues where they have been personally defrauded, let them lay the groundwork and take a case to small claims court.  Otherwise, their allegations are unfounded, groundless and considered just a disagreement in management approach.

We think we have made it pretty clear that individuals have not been defrauded, per se.  We’ve said, time and time again, that numbers were misreported to the IRS and the Federal Government, numbers were misreported to the County government and numbers were misreported to the SRRBBL Community as a whole.  And we are certain there is movement taking place. Which also begs the questions, does the SRRBBL Board have D&O Insurance, for it’s Board Directors?  We hope so!

Our goal is to provide you facts and not misinformation.

We do not know the intent of these people but it clearly is not to “save the league” because the league was never in danger. Why are they not talking about the League’s objectives being fulfilled?

All of the league mismanagement by the SRRBBL Board has over-shadowed anything remotely positive about the league.  The SRRBBL Board brought this on themselves.  It is also over-shadowed by the arrogance of the SRRBBL Board and how they treat Members of the SRRBBL Community; read the emails, read the comments on the online petition.  We can’t make this stuff up.

If they are dissatisfied with our League, do they not have other options they can explore?

Yes, they do, and Members of the SRRBBL Community are doing that, have done that and will cotinue to do that.  

Why are they serving up such negative attempts to discredit the Board or Commissioner?
What do you believe is their intent?

Financial numbers don’t lie, and the SRRBBL Board is now admitting the tax filings are wrong.  Despite the SRRBBL Board saying that there was no alteration of numbers reported to PRCS, the interaction with PRCS and the LCSO prove just the opposite.  These are not attempts, they are success in proving things are not right.  What more needs to happen?

The intent is simple.  Members of the SRRBBL Community are showing that the league is being mismanaged and it is time for change.  The SRRBBL Board is now admitting this by improper tax filings and now calling it “innocent mistakes”, and it is time for the SRRBBL Board to vacate their positions and allow a new SRRBBL Board, via fair elections, to be installed and get the management of SRRBBL back on track.

What has been lost in their retaliation attempts is that which is of paramount importance:
To service the youth in our community through teaching basketball skills and good sportsmanship. There has not been one thing mentioned to date about all of the good and decent activities this Board and League have taken in keeping its commitment to our players.

All of the league mismanagement by the SRRBBL Board has over-shadowed anything remotely positive about the league.  The SRRBBL Board brought this on themselves.  It is also over-shadowed by the arrogance of the SRRBBL Board and how they treat Members of the SRRBBL Community; read the emails, read the comments on the online petition.  We can’t make this stuff up.

SRRBBL is here to provide a service for the youth in our community. We offer a very reasonable fee to provide our youth and Coaches with the following services:
ü  Practice 2x per week with a game on Saturday
ü  A team jersey
ü  A nice gym in a safe environment.
ü  An All Star Weekend
ü  An opportunity to play in the travel division.
ü  10 games in 10 weeks, including playoffs.
ü  Opportunity to play in an out of season tournament.
ü  Coaches clinic
ü  Coaches get a Practice ball
ü  Coaches get Clipboard
ü  Coaches get Whistle
ü  Gyms get new basketball nets
ü  Ice packs
ü  Scorebooks

We believe we have already debunked this one.  Unless the SRRBBL Board is telling us that the SRRBBL Coaches are lying.  If that is what they are saying, that would be awkward.  In fact, just this morning, as a result of this email, a very heated SRRBBL RBMS Travel Coach notified us, unsolicited, that is just not true, that, “I received no supplies. I had to go out and by my own basketballs, my own clipboard and my own pennys and whistle.” 

Does the SRRBBL Board think we are just making this stuff up?  We aren’t.  Again, facts from those in the trenches.

ü  Great Officials (Trained, Uniformed, Manage and Paid, powered by great parents and youth in the community)

We agree again!

These are the items you get when you pay your fee to join our league. We also offer sibling discounts and provide additional services to parents with hardship cases.

Great policies, we agree again.

There is NO place in the County where you can get these types of services for the fee the League charges. NO other league can provide you the accommodations of SRRBBL.

Yes, other leagues can provide it, and Members of the SRRBBL Community can go register to play in those leagues. In fact, they are already doing it.  SRRBBL Members have registered in Ashburn (AYBL) and Farmwell Station.  Others are looking at potentially going to Reston.  Some teams have pulled out and are playing in FYBA, Campus or VA Hokies leagues.  More and more SRRBBL Community Members are looking elsewhere, and it will continue.

There are parents that are paying AAU coaches and trainers in our County and other Counties well over $600.00 to get something of similar value.

If SRRBBL is comparing it’s offering to AAU, that should serve as a new major red flag to anyone who knows even the slightest bit about AAU.  And this is not a knock on the volunteers of SRRBBL, at all.  AAU is a different beast, and SRRBBL and AAU are not even in the same ballpark.  Nor should they be, two different missions.

This $600 cost is not true.  One of the travel teams that pulled out of SRRBBL this season, their cost is less than $350.  Here is the breakdown:

  • League play, $525.  Includes 8 regular games and playoffs against competitive AAU teams from Virginia, Maryland and DC. 
  • Gym space, $2,565 for the entire season.  Includes two practices per week, 1.5 hours each.
  • Jerseys, $250 (10 jerseys at $25 each.  Reversible, very good quality and customized.)
  • Total cost per player is $334 (525+2565+250 = $3,340.  Divide by 10 players, $334 per player. Not $600.)

For SRRBBL players who are currently playing in AAU Fall ball, $300.  Not $600.

Why all the misinformation, SRRBBL Board?  We suggest the SRRBBL Board do more research prior to making such statements.

The truth is, our league is comprised of great parents and volunteers who strive to make a difference in our community. We do it because we truly love the kids.

We agree, though maybe with the exception of last year’s RBMS 6th Grade Boys Travel Team, as outlined above.  That is a disturbing recap of their season.

This Board spends more than 50 hours a week combined to operate this League, and no one gets paid to do the work.

If SRRBBL was set up like 99% of the other youth basketball leagues in the Loudoun County, this would not be the case.  We have already laid this out in one of our previous blog posts, as well in emails and at the SRRBBL Board Meeting.  SRRBBL management and setup are antiquated compared to the other leagues in our County…WHY IS THAT?  Better yet, if the time commitment is too laborious, how about:

  1. SRRBBL Board hold open and fair SRRBBL Board elections.  We have pointed this out numerous times already.
  2. Have people on the SRRBBL Board in actual positions such as President, VP, Treasurer, Travel Director, Head of Refs, etc.  Allow people on the SRRBBL Board who have the relevant experience.  We have pointed this out numerous times already.
  3. Have more positons on the SRRBBL Board–most leagues have no less than 6, SRRBBL has 3. We have pointed this out numerous times already.
  4. If parents are willing to volunteer coach, let them.

These are all common sense actions that could alleviate this supposed issue.  So why not make the changes? The SRRBBL Board needs to stop laying their self-inflicted problems at the feet of others.  It is getting very old.

A lot of people asked us how we felt about what was written in the newspaper. We personally felt the article was a personal attack against Anton Perkins and not a discussion about whether the League is fulfilling its objectives. However, to not lose focus on serving the children, we have to accept that there will always be disgruntled individuals with personal vendettas who are only concerned with their needs and not what is best for the Community as a whole.

Disgruntled individuals with personal vendettas?

  1. 275 people have signed the petition.
  2. The Facebook page has over 150 followers and 141 Likes
  3. 100% of one SRRBBL Travel Team and 75% of another SRRBBL Travel team have pulled out of the league.

Don’t get us wrong, we believe it will never be enough until the SRRBBL Board is gone via proper elections.

Why does the SRRBBL Board continue to not understand that the SRRBBL Community is  not ignorant and is very intelligent.  The SRRBBL Community is fed up with the league mismanagement.  Call it mistakes if you want, whatever suits the SRRBBL Boards needs.  Innocent, intentional…it is all irrelevant, it is all four years of continual mismanagement.  This is SRRBBL families money that is not being managed properly, that is alarming.  The SRRBBL Board created a process that does not allow for fair elections to the SRRBBL Board, that is corruptive power.  The SRRBBL Board is using league resources to promote inappropriate music to a league comprised of youth, that is reprehensible.  The SRRBBL Board misreported numbers to the Federal Government and the County Government, that is dangerous.  The list goes on and on.

If we are being very candid, it is fact that as this story has gained more and more notice, SRRBBL members who have dealt with Members of the this current SRRBBL Board in the past, have come out of the woodwork to share similar horrific stories regarding the unprofessionalism and arrogance of these individuals and how the league is has been managed in the past couple years.  It is more significant than we originally thought.  The SRRBBL Board can keep trying to blame one or two people, but in the real world, it is a large community that is fed up at this point.

The Board has been consistent in bringing high quality value to our League and will continue to strive in making SRRBBL the best in the County.

If this is the case, the striving needs more…how can we say this, “striving”?  All indications point to SRRBBL being so far behind every other youth basketball league in the county in the following categories:

  • Website
  • Board position job descriptions
  • Number of Board positions
  • Financial management
  • Legitimate and open election process
  • Proper By-laws
  • League management
  • Concussion training and awareness
  • Pennies, that the SRRBBL Board calls jerseys, that look like prison-grade pennies
  • Background checks on all individuals who coach AND who are on the Board

We have pointed this out before in a previous blog post.

We are truly sorry you have been bombarded by countless emails designed to persuade you to think negatively about the league. This well-known strategy called “cyber-bullying” preys on people who might be influenced by not having all of the facts.
We know you can see through this type of attack.

Any emails that have been sent are not designed to persuade people to think negatively about the league.  The facts in those emails, facts based on actions of the SRRBBL Board, were in essence designed by the SRRBBL Board.  The facts point to league mismanagement in multiple areas.

Cyber-bulling? We are glad the SRRBBL Board brought that up.  First off, SRRBBL Board Member Salamone’s emails to SRRBBL Members make bullying look like childs play–his emails to Ms. Funk and Mr. Hickey went over like a lead balloon.  We have more of his emails, if need be.  Second, Board Member Salamone calling a SRRBBL Coach’s home, two weekends ago,  five times in one day, followed by an email, and then a phone call the next day–it is stalking / bullying / call it what you want.  The Coach of the RBMS 6th Grade Travel Team from last year, three weeks ago, calling one SRRBBL Member’s home six times in one week, followed by an email–that is unacceptable, it is stalking / bullying / call it what you want. 

How does the SRRBBL Board have the gumption to call “making the SRRBBL Community aware of total and utter league mismanagement” bullying, and yet SRRBBL Board Members and Volunteers behave the way they do?  There is a major disconnect here. We’ve seen this movie before!

We have always said in any of the emails that go out to the 70+ Members of the SRRBBL Community, if you wish not to receive the emails, let us know, we will kindly remove you–only one person has asked to be taken off in the three months.  Please also note that no one is forced to go online and visit our website, read our blog posts, view our Facebook page, Like or Follow our Facebook page or sign the online petition.  The SRRBBL Board is again misdirecting.

We urge you to become critical thinkers and look at the true intent of these individuals.

We know most of the SRRBBL Community already has!!  Know your audience, SRRBBL Board–show them some respect!  But we appreciate the SRRRBBL Board highlighting it again.  The funny thing is, on our “fake news” site and Facebook posts and online peititon, we continue to point out facts (financial numbers, altering numbers to PRCS) and actions taken by the SRRBBL Board (cancelling SRRBBL Boad Elections, re-writing the SRRBBL By-Laws, emails from Board Members, etc) that speak for themselves, and the Members of the SRRBBL Community are already making up their minds.  

If these critics were children, what would you tell them? Would you tell them that it is OK to spread false rumors against their neighbors?
What do you think they are telling their children?

Are we trying to get deep and philosophical here?  As long as they are speaking the truth, and supporting it with facts, we would be proud of them.

FYI, the children in this community already know.  The children have access to social media or have heard rumblings, and they have asked.  It’s pretty easy for a parent to lay out the basic facts for a child.  Facts–they don’t lie. Basically, a parent can use this situation to teach both finance and the importance of being honest, it’s a great opportunity.

Maybe we should ask the children about the inappropriate music or videos they listened to or watched, that the Commissioner of a youth basketball league has promoted via the league.  Honestly, if the SRRBBL Board is going to worry about the children, they should focus on the right things!

Conclusion:  What is their Intent?

We believe we have made our intent very clear:  CHANGE!!  IT IS TIME FOR A NEW SRRBBL BOARD!  

The current SRRBBL Board has mismanaged the league for four years, especially when it comes to the finances.  More importantly, they have done everything behind the scenes to solidify their positions on the SRRBBL Board when it is clear the SRRBBL Community wants them gone.  Why is that?   They will not allow for fair SRRBBL Board Elections and they have re-written the SRRBBL By-Laws in so many ways that are not acceptable.  It is time for the SRRBBL Board to be removed via affair election.

Really, please tell us.  If people want the SRRBBL Board gone, why will they not leave?  Or allow for a fair election? Why does the SRRBBL Board continue to dig in?  Why does the SRRBBL Board continue to run this like their own company, literally?  Why does the SRRBBL Board continue to retain SRRBBL Coaches with no kids in the league and who are friends with the SRRBBL Board, when clearly the SRRBBL parents want that Coach removed?  Why do SRRBBL Board Members continue to speak to SRRBBL Members in an insulting and condescending tone? SRRBBL is a non-profit youth sports organization that belongs to the Members of SRRBBL–how is it that the SRRBBL Board does not understand this? 

Is their intent to form their own league?

Absolutely not.  That would be a painful process.  SRRBBL is a good brand name on the surface, but it is being completely mismanaged behind the scenes.  It just needs a change in management to avoid more problems.  Numbers don’t lie.  Actions speak for themselves.  Everyone sees this now, we hope.

Is it their intent for you to consider putting your children in another League?

Members of the SRRBBL Community need to do what is best for them and their families, we have said that all along. If they can find another league, great. If not, and they go with SRRBBL, great.  All we have asked is for Members of the SRRBBL Communnity  to continue to support Save SRRBBL campaign based on facts.  As pointed out by PRCS, one of the few ways to get change is if parents abandon the league and / or the league goes defunct.

Once you find out the intent of these individuals, make a decision for yourself.

We believe we have made out intent very clear:  CHANGE!!  IT IS TIME FOR A NEW SRRBBL BOARD!  

The current SRRBBL Board has mismanaged the league for four years, especially when it comes to the finances.  More importantly, they have done everything behind the scenes to solidify their positions on the SRRBBL Board when it is clear the SRRBBL Community wants them gone.  They will not allow for fair SRRBBL Board Elections and they have re-written the SRRBBL By-Laws in so many ways that are not acceptable.  It is time for the SRRBBL Board to be removed via affair election.

Please do not let false perceptions generated under the guise of selfish vindictiveness cloud your judgement on providing your child the opportunity to take advantage of this high quality basketball program.
These are their memories to be forged and cherish for a lifetime.

SRRBBL is all about the children learning and growing together.

We would hope so.  This still doesn’t change the fact the current SRRBBL Board is mismanaging SRRBBL, especially on the financial side, but also including the SRRBBL Board elections and overall general mismanagement.

Our personal hope is for those who read this email to allow the light of wisdom and facts to prevail. Our goal is to set the best examples for our children of how people should live together and resolve their differences with civility and truth.

The only fact that the SRRBBL Board has presented in this email is that they are admitting four years of tax filings are wrong.  The rest of it is a lot of hyperbolic statements.  If the SRRBBL Board wanted to set the right example for the children, don’t you think they should have held fair SRRBBL Board elections back in April 2017, versus cancelling the elections, then scheming to change the SRRRBBL By-Laws to vote themselves back in and make it impossible for new Board Members to be elected?  

We hope you will join us in meeting that goal for our community by getting back to what really matters in providing a great environment where kids can learn basketball skills and life lessons.

We wish you well.

SRRBBL Board of Directors

Anton Perkins-Commissioner
John Salamone- Director
Charles Sweazie- Director
Cc Supervisor Suzanne Volpe and Loudoun Parks and Recreation Department

The SRRBBL Board is playing the victim and they are becoming a victim to their own reality–they have created this storm, and yet they are upset because it is raining.

SRRBBL Board:  Stop playing the victim to circumstances you created!