Uh-Oh, SRRBBL Is Hanging Out With The Bad Kids

If you think financial mismanagement, or general mismanagement, in youth sports leagues or non-profits is not prevalent, guess again!  Take a look at some of the following articles, especially the one from June 2017 out of Waldorf, MD, where it mentions “biased favorable administration”–sounds all too familiar, right?   Reading all of the articles below makes us more concerned than ever.  SRRBBL seems to be heading down a very bad path!

This is why, as Members of the SRRBBL Community, it is our right and responsibility to hold the SRRBBL Board accountable, for not only the financial management of SRRBBL, but the overall management.  Just like when we parent our children, we need to be actively involved, guide and keep things from going down that “bad path”.  If the SRRBBL Board has nothing to hide, why not be transparent with every aspect of the league?   Why be exclusive versus inclusive? The entire way the SRRBBL Board has handled things just doesn’t make sense, from the questionable financials to the biased election process to the changing of the SRRBBL By-Laws to allowing for non-Board Member duties compensation.

This league belongs to the Members of the SRRBBL Community, the SRRBBL Board does not own SRRBBL!

Cases in the DMV and Beyond

Maryland – June 2017 – Waldorf Youth Organization Suspected Embezzlement, Bullying, And Safety Concerns Demand For The Immediate Removal Of The Organization’s President


San Francisco, CA – March 2014 – Former East Bay youth sports treasurer suspected of embezzlement


St. Paul, Minnesota – September 2014 – Elk River Woman Charged For Embezzling From Local Football Organization


Richmond, Virginia – February 2013 – Woman charged with embezzling from youth sports group


Washington, DC – February 2012 – D.C. Councilman’s Corrupt Misuse of Nonprofits Offers Lessons for Governments


Purceville, Virginia – October 2011 – Former President of Upper Loudoun Youth Football League charged with embezzling $50,000


Riverside, California – September 2010 – CORONA: Youth sports treasurer accused of embezzlement


Additional Articles Worth Reading