SRRBBL Board: Practice What You Preach!

We’ve all seen shows like “The Office”, both the British and US version, where it just gets “awkward” at times.  Or we’ve all seen the horror movies where the victims run into the dark woods, or into the dark basement, versus running to their car and driving away, right?  And we are all screaming, “Don’t go in there!  What are you doing?  No!”

What we have witnessed happening in SRRBBL over the past six months…well, it’s like watching a group of people walking through a minefield, and we are all yelling, “Watch out…watch your step…don’t step on that landmine!”, and they step right on the landmine and…BOOM!  But somehow, they are still okay, and you think, “well, that’s weird.”  But then they keep walking through the minefield, and we are all hoping they understand they are in a minefield and they will avoid the next landmine, we hope they help themselves, and…nope….BOOM!  Honestly, it’s like watching a bad movie!

Back in May of 2017, when the SRRBBL Community was trying to affect change with the SRRBBL Board, before it all went much more public, there was an email chain going around, with 80+ SRRBBL Community Members–the chain included the three SRRBBL Board Members, too.  The list had grown over time, more and more people kept adding other people, and more than 50% of the SRRBBL Community on that list asked to be added to that list, as more and more SRRBBL Coaches, Volunteers and Members began to see there was quite a bit of financial / election / general mismanagement with SRRBBL.

Now mind you, on all of these emails that were going back and forth…and there were quite a bit…all three SRRBBL Board Members remained quiet.  Silent.  No responses at all.

On the morning of Thursday, April 20, 2017, an email was sent, by SRRBBL Board Nominee Brian Piccioni, thanking the SRRBBL Board for cancelling the SRRBBL elections in the 11th hour, and offering a very inclusive strategy on holding fair and legitimate SRRBBL elections.  All 80+ SRRBBL Community Members and Board Members were on copy.

Then, on that same day, later in the afternoon, in what was a bold, and what most would call, an “ill-advised” move, SRRBBL Board Member John Salamone sent the following email to Mr. Piccioni, and blind-copied everyone on the email distribution list

From: John D Salamone 
Date: Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 2:21 PM
Subject: RE: Request to Delay the SRRBBL Elections – Please Read
Cc: Charles Sweazie, Anton Perkins 

Mr. Piccioni,
Please stop sending broadcast messages to a vast distribution list that could only have been improperly taken from our SRRBBL proprietary information.  Anyone that provided this information to you did so in direct violation of our SRRBBL policies.
You are not authorized to use this information.
John D Salamone
SRRBBL Board Member

That day, at 2:21pm, SRRBBL Board Member Salamone was considered, by most, to be a very brave man, because over the next 24 hours the backlash went off, SRRBBL Board Member Salamone was bombarded with email responses from the SRRBBL Community Members who were in utter disbelief in what he had sent…it was quite the show.  Most all of those who replied to SRRBBL Board Member Salamone, and there were a lot, pointed out that they had asked to be on the email chain, that it is their email address and not SRRBBL’s, that all on copy have each others email addresses previously from being friends or being in other organizations together, Mr. Piccioni had permission to use their emails, etc, etc.  So, in all honesty, we have to ask the question:

How is that the SRRBBL Board Members, at that point in time, and more so right now, are so blatantly disconnected from the SRRBBL Community and not know their audience?

The answer is easy:  They don’t know their audience and they seem not to care!  And maybe that is the reason why, in early June, the current SRRBBL Board rewrote the SRRBBL By-Laws that allowed for themselves to be compensated for non-Board Member duties and voted themselves back on to the SRRBBL Board by conducting a vote amongst only themselves, all three of them.

Now we bloggers here at Save SRRBBL, we are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.  But, wow…we are extremely fortunate that the SRRBBL Board continues to step on landmines and make misstep after misstep…watching this bad movie makes our blog posts very easy. They are missteps that cannot be undone, such as questionable tax filings with the IRS, reporting wrong player numbers to PRCS or changing the SRRBBL By-Laws to allow for receiving compensation for non-Board Member duties.

Looking at SRRBBL Board Member Salamone’s email, he is claiming “SRRBBL proprietary information” when it comes to the email addresses of those who are Members of the SRRBBL Community.  We’ve already pointed out that is not the case given how email addresses were obtained and SRRBBL Community Members wanting to be on copy.

But if SRRBBL Board Member Salamone considers email addresses of all SRRBBL Coaches, Volunteers and Members to be “SRRBBL proprietary information”, we have no choice but to point out the most obvious missuses of SRRBBL Community email addresses…BY THE SRRBBL BOARD!!

On June 30, 2015, , SRRBBL Commissioner Anton Perkins used SRRBBL Community emails to send out the following email:

From: Seneca Ridge River Bend Basketball League <>
Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 6:48 AM
Subject: SRRBBL Announcement-News From The Commissioner
To: Seneca Ridge River Bend Basketball League League Recip 

Dear Seneca Ridge Family,
I have lived in this community for over 20 years.  During this time, I have continued to serve our youth in various ways including sports, technology and now introducing the Arts in our community.
I am going to tell you 2 stories. One good, the other not so good.

I know a lot of you do not know me outside of basketball and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a little bit more about myself.
Besides being an engineer and basketball coach, one of my other talents is that of a musician. I have written songs for commercial and corporate entities for several years and performed in front of thousands of people across the United States and in Europe. I left that life some time ago to raise a family and not be on the road so much as I cherish family upbringings. A lot of my music you may have heard on various shows as background music. My music has been featured on shows from Netflix, HULU, the Sci-Fy channel and MTV. That’s the good story. Now for the not-so-good story.

For the past 4 years, I have committed myself to serve as Commissioner of a great basketball league.  During my years of living in the County, EVERY YEAR I have found myself battling with the County over gym space and other resource spaces in an attempt to offer new programs to our children. I have talked to various officials in the County, PRCS and other staff members and was always told that I am fighting a losing battle. I was just told recently that each year for our Summer League, it would get worse to ask for more gym space. There are a lot of politics involved when it comes to dealing with the County, the school and PRCS. That was the not-so-good story. I am not one who talks about a problem without a solution.

It was revealed to me that we had no choice but to build a facility for our community.
I talked to some people about this this facility, but in the end all I received was, “it can’t be done” or “you don’t have enough money”.
 I was told every reason why it “couldn’t” be done but not one reason why it “should” be done. Believe me, it was very frustrating.
After some soul searching, I decided to redirect my frustrations into a positive streamlined approach to tackle the bigger problems of what we can do to ensure our children (our future) get the best we have to offer. I also decided to get out of the way of negativity and surround myself with people who really want to affect change.

I am convinced more than ever this facility must be built and I am confident it will make a difference in every child’s life for the better. I am convinced we must build it because I see a growing trend of idleness in our community, a stagnation that threatens to choke the dreams of our youth and if left untreated will come back to haunt us in the form of our tax dollars going to support more youth in our jails than on our streets working to make society better. I see this and am sharing it with you now, because a lot of your children are involved and I know you want to do everything you can to ensure they get the kind of quality of life you have envisioned for everyone in this great community. So here’s my solution.

I can talk about doing something or I can do something. I have decided to put my musical talent to work toward being a true agent for change.  I have written music that has been released and is available today. It is my intent to go back on tour and I will pledge a percentage of the proceeds from the sales of the single and album, plus tour to be spent to build this facility.
Like basketball, I need everyone to assist me in building this vision. I am asking for your support by downloading the first single which is available on itunes, Amazon, Google and other outlets online.
The single is called “Don’t Say No” and it is the first song from an upcoming album (to be released in the Fall of this year). You can go to my website by clicking this link:
Your downloading the single will assist me in getting the necessary funds that I will use to build this multi-million dollar facility.
I am also looking for like-minded individuals who are sincerely interested in making financial commitments to making this vision a reality. If needed, I will hold personal one on one meetings to discuss these opportunities. If you are interested in joining me on this quest to build this facility, please email me and let me know. If you know someone else that may be able to assist us in looking at this opportunity, please feel free to pass this information on to them.

What does this mean regarding my commissioner-ship? Nothing. I will continue to do my duties as your basketball Commissioner. I am merely adding on to my plate something new that has to be fulfilled.
I look forward to your support as I get ready to return on the road again. Music, like basketball, has always been a big part of my life. As I embark on this journey, please know that I stand by our children and the vision that they will inherit the Earth. It is this thought that drives me to help them make a better world for all of us.
Thank you for supporting me in this endeavor, and it is my hope that you assist me in shaping our community to be one of the best places (as our children say) EVER!

(I apologize if you get this email more than once) 
Anton Perkins, SRRBBL Commissioner

Soooooooo…SRRBBL Community Members can’t use each other’s email addresses to raise concerns about the issues within SRRBBL, but Commissioner Perkins can use SRRBBL Community Members email addresses to sell his music and promote his tour, because “this facility must be built” and help to avoid “tax dollars going to support more youth in our jails than on our streets working to make society better”?  What?!?!?!?  Uh, yea…that’s awkward.  If we are talking about “tax dollars”….FYI, we are more worried about the SRRBBL tax filings that seem to not properly report “regular dollars”.  We are more concerned about an individual referencing “tax dollars” who had a lien placed on his home in the amount of $63,000 in 2013, by the IRS…the agency that is in charge of the “tax dollars”.

And what about Commissioner Perkins’ music that he is promoting within SRRBBL?  Back in 2015, is was a song titled, “Don’t Say No”, and you can listen to it here:

His more recent song?  It is titled “Sex is Not Enough”, and you can listen to it here:

Songs of this nature are not appropriate for children.

Again, back to the “SRRBBL proprietary information”.   Every summer, Commissioner Perkins promotes his own company, Horizon Institute, and the summer basketball league associated with it, by using SRRBBL email addresses to due so In 2017, Commissioner Perkins sent out five emails, to SRRBBL Community Member email addresses, prior to the start of summer, promoting his summer basketball league run by his company, Horizon Institute.   As we continue to point out, using SRRBBL, especially SRRBBL Community Member email addresses, to promote a SRRBBL Board Member’s business, is a conflict of interest on multiple levels.  More importantly, as noted by the Loudoun Times-Mirror in their article on September 4, 2017, during the 2015-16 SRRBBL season, the SRRBBL website read, “Are you buying your child a new pair of basketball shoes for the season? Before you do, please email us after register and you will get a 25 percent discount off of the latest brand of ADIDAS (Derek Rose) or Upper Armor products from the Horizon Institute, our nonprofit partner.”  What?!?!?!?  First, we don’t even know what to say about “Upper Armour”, we are just going to have to leave that alone because it would make an already lengthy blog post even longer.  Second, SRRBBL and Horizon Institute are “partners”, and aside from promoting the Horizon Institute summer basketball league, we are pointing SRRBBL Members in the direction of Horizon Institute to buy athletic shoes?  I bet we would all like to know how that all works.

We suppose the “conflict of interest” label no longer applies, because in early June of 2017, when the current SRRBBL Board, all three of them, rewrote the SRRBBL By-Laws, they added the section, “Transactions with Interested Parties”.  This new section allows for this conflict of financial interest.  Why would they add that section, all of a sudden, at that time?

The theme of continual missteps by the SRRBBL Board tells the real story, it truly is like watching a bad movie, set in a minefield, where the mines are easy to see but somehow can’t be avoided.  The only difference is, when we are watching a real movie, the characters can’t hear us yelling at them; when dealing with the SRRBBL Board, they can hear us, they’re just ignoring us!  How is it the that the SRRBBL Board can deem that the SRRBBL Community using the email addresses of SRRBBL Community Members, to discuss the issues of “SRRBBL”, a “violation”?  And yet SRRBBL Commissioner Perkins can use the SRRBBL Community Member’s email addresses to promote his company’s summer basketball league and the SRRBBL website to sell athletic shoes?

Bad, bad movie…and we can’t get a refund, literally, because it is clear the financial management of SRRBBL seems to be in bad shape.  We suppose, though, that the movie analogy isn’t as relevant as the following message to the SRRBBL Board:  If you are going to make claims, that are unfounded and wrong, don’t you think you should make sure your own shop is in order?   As pointed out by one SRRBBL Community Member on the Save SRRBBL iPetition, “The corruptness and arrogance of this Board is truly amazing”.

The real message here to the SRRBBL Board is very simple:  Practice what you preach!