Some Don’t Trust Words, Some Even Question Actions…But No One Ever Doubts Patterns!

A well respected Member of the SRRBBL Community pointed out some very obvious observations yesterday.

Tax Filings

The tax filings, for years 2012-2015, make no sense.  Even 2016 numbers, prior to the tax filing, look off.  Gross income alone, dropping while player numbers are growing or staying above where they were in 2011, is highly questionable.  If the SRRBBL Board knowingly filed improper tax forms, forget all the legal jargon, THE SRRBBL BOARD MISREPRESENTED NUMBERS TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!

Reporting Numbers to PRCS

It is clear that the number of players reported to the Loudoun County Parks and Recreation (PRCS), for the 2016-17 season, by the SRRBBL Board, were incorrect.  The SRRBBL Board initially reported 668 players for the 2016-17 season.  This number of 668 was provided by PRCS to legal authorities.  It was only later, after the SRRBBL Community did the work and guesstimated there were close to 842 players and went to PRCS with that information, that the SRRBBL Board and PRCS then landed on the “missing check” story, pointing to 853 players for he 2016-17 season. Plainly put, THE SRRBBL BOARD MISREPRESENTED NUMBERS TO THE LOUDOUN COUNTY GOVERNMENT’S PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT!

Reporting Financials to the SRRBBL Community

On April 25, 2016, SRRBBL Commissioner Anton Perkins sent out an email, with the 2016-17 P&L.  In the email, the SRRBBL Commissioner stated, “To couch any of the concerns listed, the Board of Directors is providing an Expense Report for the 2016-17 season. After officially closing the books, it is attached for your convenience.”  So the SRRBBL Commissioner is clearly stating that the “books are closed”.  Below is the P&L he sent:


Therefore, with the books closed, all one has to do is look at the line:  PRCS Facility Fees,  $8,350.  The county charges a $12.50 fee for each player.  Multiply $12.50 by 668 players, and you get $8,350.  When Members of the SRRBBL Community pointed out, to Dave Carver at PRCS, that the 668 was most likely wrong, and should be around 842, the following came from Dave Carver:

“A check went out to PRCS (from SRRBBL) on December 20, 2016, in the amount of $2,312.50. It has not yet been cashed by PRCS. A new check is being mailed. This check was addressed to a staff person who left and may have been lost of misdirected.”

By saying that there is an additional $2,312.50 due to PRCS by SRRBBL, six months after the fact, the SRRBBL Board is admitting the number of players is not 668, but rather 668 + 185, or 853 players. ($2,312.50 / $12.50 per player fee = 185).

But how is it, that if an expense was incurred back in December of 2016, in the amount of $2,312.50, why was it not entered into the P&L provided by Commissioner Perkins on April 25, 2017?  The books were “officially closed”.  One would think the line “PRCS Facility Fees”, on the P&L that covers the time period of 2016, would be $10,662.50, right?  Commissioner Perkins had sent the check on December 20, 2016, and therefore, per standard financial practices, like reconciling your check book, that expense would have been recorded for 2016 because Commissioner Perkins knew about it in 2016 and wrote a check for it in 2016.  So why is it not included on the 2016-17 P&L?  One can only surmise that THE SRRBBL BOARD MISREPRESENTED NUMBERS TO THE SRRBBL COMMUNITY!

There is a pattern here!  Some don’t trust words, some even question actions…but no one ever doubts patterns!