But He Was Excluded, John!

Please see the email exchange way down below, and while you read this entire blog post, including the narrative and the email exchange, please keep in mind the following about former SRRBBL Travel Coach Tom Hickey:

  1. Coach in SRRBBL for seven (7) years.
  2. Boys travel team record of 29-7 in three years and won the County Championship.
  3. Girls travel team record of 22-3 in two years, reaching the Championship one season and Semis the next season.
  4. Division Coordinator multiple times.
  5. Spring / Summer Coach of an AUU team comprised of SRMS and RBMS girls.

After you are done reading the email chain, ask yourself:

How does SRBBL Board Member John Salamone write a such a lengthy response claiming Tom did not turn anything in, but then come back and say Tom did, in fact, turn something in?  This points to complete disorganization and mismanagement.  How could SRRBBL Board Members be so disconnected from their Coaches…and each other?  Or does it point to something else?  (FYI, this is the second instance we have heard of, just in the last two weeks, where the travel coaching application and interview process was completely disjointed, to say the least.)

How did Tom not receive all the emails about coaching?  It is a known fact that a very large number of SRRBBL Coaches, Volunteers and Members were removed from the SRRBBL email distribution this season due to speaking out about the SRRBBL mismanagement last season.  (Worth noting, that same large group of people did receive all of the Horizon Institute Basketball League emails over the summer, though.)

Who was selected for the coaching position that Tom Hickey once occupied?  While that new person may be completely qualified, and we all hope they are and we wish the team well, did that person at one point maybe, possibly, perhaps run through Commissioner Anton Perkins Horizon Institute program?

Why would you displace a popular, successful  and extremely well respected Coach like Tom, who serves the league and community proud in post-season tournaments? And why wouldn’t you be concerned that he “didn’t apply to coach”?  Take it one step further, because this sounds eerily familiar…why would Commissioner Anton Perkins continue to place his friends and colleagues as travel coaches–there are multiple–when yet there are parents in the league who are not just parents, but knowledgeable, successful AAU coaches who have coached in SRRBBL previously?

Tom:  The SRRBBL Community appreciates all you have done for SRRBBL, this was a major injustice to a class act–our email inboxes and all the Facebook posts clearly demonstrate this.  Your commitment to improving SRRBBL last Spring and this Fall, by supporting change the right way, is greatly appreciated!  Good luck to you and your AAU team this coming season!


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Tom Hickey
Date: Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 6:40 PM
Subject: Re: Travel Coaches
To: John Salamone
Cc: Anton Perkins, Charles Sweazie , Tom Hickey



Here is a record of the last six emails I’ve received from SRRBBL and their subject line:

8/29 SRRBBL Travel Team Tryouts
8/9 Order Confirmation Volunteer
8/9 Player Registration
8/9 Background Check Update
8/9 Forgot Password
4/26 SRRBBL Election Update

There is a big gap in communication from the league to my email address between April and August.  I didn’t even receive an email about registration opening for the 2017-18 season, I had to hear about it from another parent.  I’m sure there were other emails communicated to the community from SRRBBL during this gap, including emails calling for travel coaches and the application process.  I was not included in those emails.  Is it a coincidence that I stopped receiving league emails after I voiced my opinion to you, and others, about changes that I thought needed to occur with the league and the Board?  I don’t think it’s a coincidence.  Maybe you should check with Anton.

John, you absolutely should think that my application was conspicuous by it’s absence.  Because you know me.  You know the work I’ve done with this league during the season and with the players outside of the season.  I coached your daughter last season.  You attended my practices and my games.  You complimented me multiple times on the status of the team and the work I put into it.  Let’s think logically about it.  This is my daughter’s last season with SRRBBL and my last chance to coach her.  I spent the spring and summer coaching her AAU team which is made up of SRMS/RBMS players.  Does that sound like someone who is not invested or interested in coaching that team for the third year in a row?  I know very well the process to apply for the travel team position and you think I just all of a sudden decided not to throw my hat in the ring?  You think the reason I didn’t apply for the position is because I deliberately didn’t respond so I could try to stir up trouble for being “not permitted” to interview for the position.  Is that what you really think I would do?  Or is possible that I didn’t receive this information.  Which scenario makes more logical sense.

Quite frankly, I think the email response you sent me was insulting, condescending and unfortunate.  You’ve lost any support I could have provided you.  I don’t think you guys have handled the concerns of the community effectively or appropriately.  And there is real potential for it to get worse.

Please remove my daughter’s registration from SRRBBL and refund my registration fee.  You can also remove my registration as a coaching volunteer.



On Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 11:58 AM, John D Salamone  wrote:
I have been corrected.  You did register as a coach this season on 9 August
2017.  My mistake.  I did not see your registration when I checked the
database last night, but I can confirm that you are in the system as a
registered coach.   I didn’t want you to think that something happened to
that registration simply because I missed it last night.
Unfortunately, that alone doesn’t trigger the travel team coach selection
process or provide the artifacts that are discuss and compared as part of
the process.



John D Salamone

—–Original Message—–
From: John D Salamone
Sent: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 8:52 AM
To: ‘Tom Hickey’
Cc: ‘Anton Perkins’; Charles Sweazie
Subject: RE: Travel Coaches


I am quite surprised by your question.  Your application was conspicuous by
its absence.  What did you do to indicate that you were interested in
coaching a travel team this season?

As announced in the league-wide announcements, candidate travel coaches had
to submit qualifications.  It was quite odd that you did nothing to express
your interest until after the selections were made.  I know that is not the
process that was announced or that you followed last year.  I am at a loss
to explain why you did not respond, and that is why your question to me is
so odd.  I would ask you why you didn’t express any interest or follow the
direction provided for candidates.

You did not apply for the position nor submit any articles to be considered
as requested by the Board.  In fact I can find nothing that expresses your
interest.  The league-wide call for this submission was back in July.  You
had many weeks to submit a response and send us a résumé, or at least
provide some communication indicating that you were interested.  All of the
other returning coaches and those others interested in coaching followed the
guidelines and procedures.  As a past coach, we know that you are familiar
with the process, yet there was no interest expressed.

I am also receiving other emails from uninvolved third parties professing to
tell me how I excluded you from the process.  Only you could exclude you
from the process, as you did by not participating.  No one else excluded
you.  Due to these odd emails, which have become all-to-typical, last night
I went back and checked what we could have possibly missed that indicated
interest on your part, much less compliance with the process directions for
candidate travel coaches.  I could find nothing.  I even check last year’s
activities for comparison.  I see that last year you registered as a coach
on 15 July (2016).  Here it is September 2017 and you have made no such
registration for 2017 season.  That would at least have indicated that you
were interested in coaching this season.

As you know firsthand, travel coaches have a daunting task in front of them
and it takes a lot of commitment.  Expressing no interest is not a sign of
that commitment.  The only thing that excluded you from the process was your
lack of participation in the process.  Since you chose to not participate,
we respected that decision.  Since we had other qualified candidates, this
was not an issue.

Make no mistake, we appreciate your service and no one was working against
you.  All the more reason that your after-the-fact question about inclusion
leaves me confused.



John D Salamone
SRRBBL Board Member

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—–Original Message—–
From: Tom Hickey
Sent: Tuesday, September 5, 2017 2:17 PM
To: Anton Perkins; John Salamone; Charles Sweazie
Subject: Travel Coaches


I understand that the travel coaches have been selected for the upcoming
season.  Can you please explain why I was not included in the selection