Why Save SRRBBL?

Why Save SRRBBL?  It is a great question about our local youth basketball league, a league comprised of over 850 kids, with players ranging from ages 10 to 18, and a league that has been subjected to significant mismanagement in recent years.  It’s a league that is owned by SRRBBL Players, Coaches, Members and Volunteers, or better known as, the “SRRBBL Community”.  After reading through the information on this site, we are asking for your support in order to bring change, and that can be done by signing the online petition, which can be found by clicking here, and can be found at the bottom of the “Call For Action – Next Steps” page.

In February 2017, after initial research was conducted by members of the SRRBBL Community, regarding the Seneca Ridge River Bend Basketball League (SRRBBL), the management of SRRBBL came into question. Information, which is all public information, was reviewed and showed potential financial mismanagement and league mismanagement. Now, six months later, after further detailed research and information provided by the SRRBBL Board and information provided by Loudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Services (PRCS), it is clear that SRRBBL is being financially mismanaged and the league is in need of new management and a turnaround. Given the SRRBBL Board Member actions over the past four months in particular, it is clear attempts are being made to rectify their missteps, even going as far as to rewrite the SRRBBL By-Laws to allow for payments to SRRBBL Board Members for non-Board Member responsibilities, approving financial transactions between SRRBBL and the companies that SRRBBL Board Members own and allowing for an unfair process for electing SRRBBL Board Members. In summary, it appears the management of SRRBBL as a whole, is in dire straits.  It is now time for the SRRBBL Community to take back their league and “Save SRRBBL!”

We encourage you to spend some quality time looking through this website.  There is quite a bit of information contained on this website, and it will demonstrate there is quite a bit of mismanagement in three primary areas.

  • Financial Mismanagement
    • The SRRBBL Board has filed federal tax forms that point to five years of gross income that makes no financial sense, showing $40,000 year-over-year changes in gross income even as the number of players in SRRBBL continued to rise. This is either improper tax filings and / or false reporting of gross income.
    • The SRRBBL Commissioner provided the 2016 Profit & Loss Statement that appears to be manually created, with round numbers.  This raises more questions than answers.
    • SRRBBL is doing business with the SRRBBL Commissioner’s own company, which is a conflict of financial interest. Likewise, the SRRBBL Commissioner has had past issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which should be considered when managing the finances of a youth sports organization.
  • Election Mismanagement
    • The SRRBBL Board tried to hold an election that was rigged and unfair.
    • The SRRBBL Board then cancelled the election due to legitimate complaints by the SRRBBL Community, but never held another public, fair election.
    • The SRRBBL Board held their own election amongst only the current SRRBBL Board Members, three in total, and voted themselves back in and rewrote the SRRBBL By-Laws to allow for this, and to allow for an unfair election process. This was all done with the help of a recently retained attorney.
  • League Mismanagement
    • SRRBBL had inadequate by-laws, but the SRRBBL Board slightly revised them, only to allow for an unfair election process, allowing SRRBBL Board Members to be paid for coaching or other non-Board capacities and allowing for business to be conducted between SRRBBL and companies owned by SRRBBL Board Members.
    • The SRRBBL Board allowed the SRRBBL Virginia SCC status to lapse back in early 2015, but renewed it in early 2017 due to mounting pressure from the SRRBBL Community.
    • SRRBBL has violated PRCS policies.
    • The SRRBBL Board provided false information to PRCS, avoiding an additional $2,300+ owed to PRCS, and then six months later tried to make it right.
    • The SRRBBL Commissioner has used the league email distribution lists to sell his own music which is inappropriate for younger kids in the league, Player and Coaching equipment provided by SRRBBL has changed drastically over the past three years, the SRRBL Board and website are inadequate and SRRBBL Board Members are serving as SRRBBL Head Coaches and not allowing full focus to be on SRRBBL Board responsibilities.

Most Members of the SRRBBL Community are unaware of what has transpired over the past six months, and they are asking how we got here. Below is a summary of what has brought us to this point.


Maybe you have seen some of the emails over the past six months, maybe you haven’t. But suffice it to say, the plethora of emails from SRRBBL Coaches (some without kids in the league) alone speaks volumes; add in the emails from SRRBBL Members, and it quickly becomes clear there are major issues with the management of SRRBBL. This whole movement to “Save SRRBBL” is about three primary things:

1. Doing all things right, at all levels, so that the number one beneficiaries are the players in the league.
2. Making sure there is total transparency to all of the SRRBBL Community, as it relates to all SRRBBL activities, processes and financial records.
3. Integrity, fairness and respect from all those associated with SRRBBL, especially as it relates to the SRRBBL Board and SRRBBL Board Members being elected.

In talking to many Members of the SRRBBL Community, over the last six months, a majority of them have been very concerned about a host of things related to the league, and how they have been treated by the SRRBBL Board Members. In fact, in speaking with some SRRBBL Coaches and Members, they are reluctant to speak out on behalf of their concerns because they are worried their kids would suffer consequences set forth by the SRRBBL Board Members. We all understand that some Coaches and Members in any youth sports organization will always complain, and some Members have specific issues that will never change, you cannot please everyone, unfortunately. But from what has been heard, from what has been seen and from what some have directly experienced, the concerns are not “normal”–these are legitimate, significant concerns of the SRRBBL Community that are not being addressed by the SRRBBL Board.

But if you take it one step further, beyond any general or extraordinary complaints about SRRBBL or the SRRBBL Board, there is even more concerning complaints. When research is conducted, starting back in November of 2016 and continues through 2017, based on all public information, and it shows concerning information regarding financials of the league, tax filings, by-laws, misinformation provided to county officials, status by the state, etc.–how are SRRBBL Coaches and Members expected to just “move on?” That is what one SRRBBL Board Member stated, just “move on”. We all want there to be no issues, and if there was transparency and responsiveness, we would not be where we are today. The SRRBBL Community is entitled to know where all of the money is going every year,  similar to how other youth sports organizations annually provide financials to their Members, and the SRRBBL Community should be able to see Members of the SRRBBL Community seek a Board position in a fair election. This league belongs to the SRRBBL Members, not the SRRBBL Board.

As an aside, go look at other youth sports Board’s bylaws, a majority of them make the SRRBBL By-Laws look completely inept–bad formatting, bad grammar, different fonts, lack of flow, etc. The SRRBBL By-Laws and rules of the league have been revised to provide unilateral power to those in in charge, which in some cases, is extremely dangerous; power is a very corruptive thing and it needs to be held in check in a non-profit organization of youth sports, and that falls on the paying members and volunteers of SRRBBL.

The mismanagement of SRRBBL is of great concern to all the Members of the SRRBBL Community, and more so given that new leagues are being created in Sterling 20165. Again, this website aims to highlight three major areas of mismanagement by the current SRRBBL Board: Financial Mismanagement, Election Mismanagement and League Mismanagement. This website highlights facts and / or legitimate questions surrounding numbers or policies that point to inconsistencies / mismanagement / raise questions, and why there is the need for SRRBBL Members to get involved and “Save SRRBBL!”

Efforts And Current Status

Some of you might be asking the naturally obvious question, “Why not work directly with the SRRBBL Board on all of these matters?” On multiple occasions, over the past six months, multiple Members of the SRRBBL Community reached out to the SRRBBL Board Members in an effort to all come together, provide transparency and get things turned around; there were many emails to SRRBBL Board Members on email distribution lists, as well as individual emails to SRRBBL Board Members.  The “SRRBBL Community” consisted of over 70+ concerned individuals.

Prior to the email campaign, Members of the SRRBBL Community attended the last SRRBBL Board Meeting, and their multiple new and experienced-based ideas, and concerns, were met with little to no thought by the SRRBBL Board Members, with one SRRBBL Board Member claiming he had heard all the “stupid suggestions by parents.”  Also at that same SRRBBL Board Meeting, when one SRRBBL Member asked for financial transparency, the SRRBBL Commissioner stated he would not speak to that SRRBBL Member because “he is not a volunteer in the league.”  Over the past four months, during a vigilant and lengthy campaign by the SRRBBL Community, one SRRBBL Board member responded two times. The first time, the response was to one SRRBBL Coach individually, to refer to this movement as a “bunch of malcontents”. The second time, the same SRRBBL Board Member emailed to the 70+ people on copy of a general distribution email, by blind copying them, telling them all to stop using the email chain, that is was proprietary information–this second response from the SRRBBL Board Member resulted in major backlash from SRRBBL Coaches and Members. The point being made here is that Members of the SRRBBL Community tried vigilantly to work with the SRRBBL Board via the last SRRBBL Board Meeting, in email distributions and in individual emails to SRRBBL Board Members, and it was all ignored.

PRCS was contacted multiple times regarding the mismanagement of SRRBBL, and no action was taken as of yet, other than to allow SRRBBL to fix their missteps. Likewise, all of the information and files contained on this website were turned over to the Loudoun County Sherriff’s Financial Crimes Division. In just the past year alone, more and more cases have been uncovered, both locally and across the United States, were organizations, similar to SRRBBL in nature and purpose, are being financially mismanaged.  In those cases, the mismanagement was uncovered by individuals who either had access to the financial information as a current Board Member, or uncovered the financial mismanagement once elected to a Board and previous Board Members had departed. Right now, the biggest obstacle Members of the SRRBBL Community face, is getting access to all of the financial data–unfortunately, all of the actions taken by the SRRBBL Board, primarily over the past four months, has made this impossible.

Something to think about:  SRRBBL is a non-profit youth sports organization, owned by its paying Members, and those Members have no say in how the organization is being run by three SRRBBL Board Members, nor do they have any access to the financials of the organization.  As PRCS pointed out, “…SRRBBL is owned by it’s paying Members, and they have every right to take it back!”